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Commercial General Liability (CGL) Insurance

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Alberta Commercial General Liability (CGL) Insurance

Most Alberta business owners are aware of the need for Commercial General Liability (CGL) Insurance. When you think of this kind of coverage you may have images of a customer slipping and falling in a local store and then suing the owner. However, there is much more to CGL insurance than that. If you operate a business you may even be taking on plenty of risks that you are not currently unaware of. In fact, those risks could be severe enough to jeopardize your entire financial future.

What Is Commercial General Liability Insurance?

Liability means that you are legally responsible for something, and you will be obligated to make good on the damages. It could be a problem with your company, employees, you, your building, or property. As such, if you don’t protect yourself from these risks, you are taking a big chance with your future.

Who Needs Commercial General Liability Insurance?

Just about any kind of business is open to some type of lawsuit,  but especially those that deal with the public can be open to some kind of lawsuit. Almost every business needs this valuable protection.

Here’s a general idea of what industries need CGL Insurance and why:

  • Contractors and Construction Companies: Given the inherent risks involved in construction work, contractors and construction companies greatly benefit from commercial general liability coverage to protect against property damage and bodily injury claims.
  • Retailers: Retail businesses, including shops, boutiques, and online stores, face the risk of customer injuries on their premises such as slips and falls, making liability insurance crucial.
  • Manufacturers: Manufacturers should have liability insurance to cover potential product liability claims resulting from any of their products causing any harm or injury to others.
  • Restaurants and Hospitality Businesses: Restaurants, bars, hotels, and other hospitality businesses face risks related to on-site customer injuries, foodborne illnesses, or property damage, making liability insurance necessary.
  • Landlords: Landlords should consider general liability insurance to protect against claims resulting from property damage or injuries sustained by tenants or visitors to their property
  • Transportation and Logistics Companies: Businesses involved in logistics and transporting cargo, such as trucking companies and freight carriers, should have liability insurance to cover damages caused by accidents involving their vehicles or cargo.

While Commercial General Liability is a must-have on your policy, talk to your broker to ensure that you have an adequate limit to guarantee your business is properly protected. 

How Commercial General Liability Benefits Contractors

There are a number of advantages for Contractors to secure a CGL Insurance policy.

  • CGL Insurance offers protection in the event that the contractor causes property damage to a third party during the course of their operations. If the Contractor does not carry General Liability to cover these risks, the third party may look to the Contractor to pay out-of-pocket for the damage or harm done.
  • In addition to covering third-party property damage, the CGL insurance policy covers Medical Expenses for bodily injury/harm caused to third parties who were injured in the course of the contractor’s operations.
  • If the coverage is elected, General Liability policies cover the cost of court fees which is extremely useful to a Contractor if a property damage or bodily injury claim goes to court. Court costs can be significant, and in some cases, could cause the business financial devastation if they do not have adequate coverage in place to cover these costs.
  • CGL Insurance policies provide coverage for Completed Operations. When a Contractor finishes a project, there is a risk that their work may cause property damage or harm, even after the product has been installed and the project completed. Even though the project is completed, the damage or harm is considered to be a result of the work done by the Contractor, and the Contractor would be held liable. The Completed Operations portion of the General Liability coverage will protect the Contractor from these exposures.
  • In addition to the CGL insurance coverages, Contractors can opt to insure the tools and equipment that are usual to their business. For example, a Landscaping/Snow Removal Contractor may have gardening tools, lawnmowers, shovels, snow plow attachments, and various tools that they carry around in their work vehicles. These tools and equipment can be covered along with the General Liability coverage under a Contractor’s package policy in Alberta.


What does Commercial Liability Insurance Cover


Property Damage or Bodily Injury

CGL insurance is a crucial safeguard for businesses, offering protection against potential financial losses stemming from third-party property damage or bodily injury. Whether it’s caused by your employees, products, or equipment, this coverage steps in to cover legal fees, medical expenses, and compensation for damages.


Personal Injury and Damages

CGL Insurance also covers personal injuries such as slander, libel, or damage to one’s reputation. If your business is accused of making false statements, defamation, or any other act that harms someone’s reputation or causes emotional distress, this coverage steps in to handle legal expenses, settlements, and damages awarded to the affected party.


Medical Payments

CGL insurance provides essential coverage for medical payments if a person is injured while on your property or as a result of your business operations. Whether it’s a slip-and-fall accident at your premises or an injury caused by your products or services, this coverage helps pay for medical expenses incurred by the injured party.


Product Liabilities

CGL insurance provides crucial protection for businesses facing product liabilities. If your products cause harm, damages, or illnesses to consumers, this coverage steps in to cover legal fees, settlements, and damages awarded to affected parties.

Why You Need An Insurance Specialist For Your Business

Insurance needs vary from one business to another, and it can be hard to tell what to get and how much coverage you need. That is why many companies in Alberta trust Leibel Insurance. When you come to us, you are not doing business with an insurance agency that represents one company. We are an independent brokerage with many insurance partners, but our loyalty is to you, our valued customer.

Experience matters a great deal in the insurance industry. We have been in business since 1981 and our people have combined 300 years of experience. Not only that, we have more than 20 years of experience helping people choose the right kind of Commercial Liability Insurance coverage options for their businesses.

You could check out insurance companies on our own and compare rates and coverage options. You also could audit your business and assess all of the risk factors you face today and in the future. Of course, it’s much easier to contact insurance specialists at Leibel Insurance, and we can do all that for you. It’s that easy!

We do business with more than 20 insurers that provide the coverage you need. This way, you are certain to receive the kind of policy you need, and the most affordable rates.

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