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Liquor Liability

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Canada Liquor Liability Insurance

When you think about Liquor Liability Insurance in Canada, you may be thinking about businesses like bars and restaurants. These businesses must protect themselves in case a customer drinks too much and then tries to sue the business for damages. However, liquor liability extends to more than just businesses, and here is a perfect example.

Jan and Fred’s Story

Jan and Fred decided to throw a big party and invite many of their friends, neighbours, and relatives. It was Fred’s 40th birthday and the couple decided to go all out for their celebration. They hired a catering service and held the party at a nearby clubhouse that they rented.

The party was a huge success and everyone had a great deal of fun. However, a few of the guests did not want someone sober to drive them home nor spend the night. Fred and Jan were too tired and exhausted to make sure all the guests were safe that night.

One friend decided to drive himself home later that evening, after having way too much to drink. He got about a mile and half from the party when he went through an intersection against a red traffic light and hit the side of a passenger car full of people. Several of the occupants were injured and one (a child) was injured seriously.

Fred and Jan were devastated by the news and felt terrible that their friend had been so thoughtless as to drink and drive that night. However, they felt even worse when they got a letter from an attorney. The friend was suing the couple for serving him alcohol and letting him drive home that night.

When they rented the clubhouse they made sure that they had liability insurance for events and they thought that was all they needed. However, this liability coverage only took care of things like accidents on the property, not host liability insurance.

Even though they didn’t have to pay a settlement, there was a lengthy court battle and Fred and Jan had to pay out a lot of money in legal fees, because they had no Alcohol Liability Insurance. In fact, they weren’t even aware that host or server liability insurance was available and never thought that something like this could happen to them.

What Is Liquor Insurance?

Liability insurance (for serving alcoholic beverages) covers damages that could result from someone becoming intoxicated. This is what happened to Fred and Jan in the example. However, this liability also extends to any activity an inebriated guest may get into that causes problems, as a result of drinking.

Who Needs This Kind Of Liability Coverage?

Anyone hosting a party where alcohol is served should make sure that they have liability insurance. This could include:

  • Corporate Events
  • Company Tournaments
  • Parties
  • Special Events
  • Christmas parties
  • Weddings and wedding receptions
  • Box socials
  • Other events where alcohol is present

If you own a business that plans parties and events, you should consider liability insurance for liquor.

What is Standard Liquor Liability Insurance Coverage?

When you host a party at home, your homeowner insurance policy may include liquor liability, but you should always check to make sure. Get out the policy or talk to your insurance professional about the matter before you throw the party.

Anytime you plan a special party or event, you need to make sure that you are covered. You should take out a general liability insurance policy for the event and make sure that there is host Alcohol Liability Insurance included.

Are There Additional Options to Consider?

If you are holding a large event, make sure that you are properly insured. For example, when you hold a major event with a lot of people, you may need to extend the coverage amounts on your Liquor Insurance policy.

Who Can I Talk to About Liquor Liability?

The laws on host alcohol liability are not perfectly clear. In fact, they can be confusing and it’s always best to be safe than sorry when it comes to these matters of liability. The best people to talk to about Alcohol Liability Insurance are experienced insurance specialist like an event insurance broker you find at Leibel Insurance. We understand the insurance business and we have been around since 1981, serving the insurance needs of Canada residents and businesses.

We are not just one insurance company. We are independent insurance brokers that help you find the right policy. In fact, our company has access to more than 20 insurers that specialize in policies like Liquor Insurance. And speaking of experience, when you go with our brokerage you are choosing a company that has 300 years of combined insurance experience. We have a dedicated service team of professionals and we offer 24-hour claims response services.

If you want to have a great time at your next party or special event (without any insurance concerns), talk to your insurance professionals at Leibel Insurance today. This way, you will know for certain that you are covered for all possible risks.

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