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Frequently Asked Car Insurance Questions

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We are back with more questions answered, learn more about Car Insurance. You asked, we answered! Here are some frequently asked questions about car insurance.

If I lend my vehicle to my neighbour or friend do they have coverage? If the person borrowing your car gets into an at fault accident, this loss will go against the vehicle owner’s insurance. However, if you have claims forgiveness, this loss will not affect your premiums unless you have another at fault accident within a 6 year time frame.

Why is my car insurance going up? Auto insurance is based on a few factors, driving record, rate increases due to government revised rating. As well as any claims that occur during the previous year.

Should I package my home and auto insurance together with the same carrier? Yes, because this provides you with up to 20% of savings for having multiple policies.

If I have my home and auto with the same company but different brokers, do I get the discount? No you must have all policies at the same brokerage to receive multiple policy discounts.

Does my credit rating influence my car or home insurance premiums? Companies now will use a soft credit check to apply additional discounts to clients, credit score and details are not provided to the insurance company or brokers. Good credit scores can obtains additional savings.

Will I have to pay more insurance because I am under 25? Yes, the likelihood of an individual having claim in the first 2 years of having driving insurance are at a higher risk than at a later age with more experience.

Do I need to add my child who is under 25 to my auto insurance? Yes, if they reside in the same household.

With all insurance companies it is advised that if any changes occur in the house hold, they should be notified. This includes new drivers having access to the keys and vehicles of the house hold. An underage driver would normally be added as an occasional driver to one of the vehicle’s in the house hold. In the event of a loss the company will be able to see that the driver had consent to drive the vehicle and assign the claim to the underage driver that was driving at the time.

Does the color or body style of my vehicle effect my rate? Body style yes, color no. Insurance is based off of the VIN of the vehicle. Based off of a rate group, govt assigns rates based off of collected data, and applies those to the insurance companies.

Do I have glass coverage on my auto insurance? You can have the coverage, normally the coverage through the insurance company will be with a higher deductible and higher premium compared to AMI Glass.

Does how I pay for my insurance effect my premiums? Yes, if you choose to pay in full there is no financing charge. Most companies will charge a finance fee of approximately 3 % for monthly or a service charge for 2-4 payment options.

Can I get coverage to replace my brand new if it is written off? Yes, you can! With any vehicle that is purchased brand new within the first 3 years they qualify for Waiver of deprecation can be purchased which will pay out based on what you paid or MSRP whichever is least of the two.  Another coverage that can be purchased is replacement cost, this coverage is available for 5 years and gives the client the ability to get a brand new vehicle of that make and model.

My car has aftermarket rims, how do I ensure that? It is advisable that you let your broker know of any aftermarket materials added to your vehicle.

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