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ATV Insurance

The Best ATV Insurance Alberta has to Offer. Get your FREE Alberta ATV Insurance Quote from Leibel Insurance Group Today!
  • Fully Protects Your ATV While Enjoying the Outdoors
  • Know You’re Covered in the Event of a collision, theft or fire
  • Cover Yourself from Liability Exposure

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Alberta ATV Insurance

Heading out to the trails on your ATV this season? Properly protect yourself and your off-roading hobby with ATV Insurance by local Albertan insurance specialists at Leibel Insurance. All Terrain Vehicle Insurance covers you from theft, damage, injury and more. ATV Insurance protects your lifestyle while you are outdoors. You need ATV insurance coverage you can count on! Get proper coverage at competitive rates by speaking with your insurance broker at Leibel Insurance. Have peace of mind knowing that your ATV is properly covered in the event of an unexpected event while you are enjoying the outdoors.

What is ATV insurance?

ATV insurance offers you security for all classifications of all-terrain cars. The regulation incorporates safety that is contrasted to auto insurance. You can obtain coverage when you are on the trail or when parking your vehicle in the offseason.

How does ATV insurance function? 

ATV insurance functions the same as different classifications of insurance. Although it is contrasted to bring out the exclusive dangers of utilizing an off-road car, it offers you financial security to fix destruction or if you are eligible for injury or harm to disparate possessions.

What is included in ATV insurance coverage?

  • Accident advantages
  • Direct compensation for property damage
  • Third-party liability 

You have coverage for property destruction, injury, death and healthcare expenses. This incorporates destruction to your car and security amidst a variety of hazards. You have the choice of additional accessories. You are also eligible to enhance your limits.

Why ATV Insurance?

In addition to the mandatory ATV Insurance coverage of Liability insurance and Accident Benefits coverage, you can insure your ATV for additional things such as collision, theft or fire. This coverage may be required by your lender if you are financing your ATV. Speak to a specialist about your unique ATV Insurance needs to get proper coverage at competitive rates. Call Leibel Insurance now to get your stand-alone ATV Insurance policy or find out how much you can save when you bundle your insurance policies.

ATV insurance for every single classification of vehicles

No matter what type of vehicle you take pleasure in riding, we’re here to assist you in obtaining coverage. Whether it’s a 4, 6, or 8-wheel ATV, we can provide the protection you need for various styles and models.

  • Quads
  • UTV
  • 4 wheeler
  • Side by sides
  • ATVS – utility/recreational sports

At Leibel Insurance, we understand you would like to remain stress-free and adventurous throughout the trails on your ATV. In Canada, we can connect you with numerous ATV and off-road vehicle insurance providers, allowing you to compare quotes and potentially save on your coverage.

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