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High Value Home Insurance

Don't Risk it! High Value Homes Should be Adequately Protected. High Value Home Insurance Properly Protects Your Most Important Investment. Get Your Complimentary Canada High Value Home Insurance Quote Today!
  • Know You’re Properly Protected with All Risk Coverage
  • Shield Yourself Against Unpredictable Perils and Claims
  • Protect Your Most Important Investment with Increased Policy Limits

Call (866) 484-8880 now to speak directly with an Insurance Specialist about High Value Home Insurance or complete a no-pressure no-obligation quote request form.

High-Value Home Insurance Broker in Alberta & Ontario

Just as every individual is different, Home Insurance is also an individual product. Different people require different coverage for their homes.You may feel as though your standard home insurance market would be sufficient in the event of a loss to your most valuable asset, however when you have a home that is above-grade or luxury why wouldn’t you want a policy that’s the same? High-Value Home Insurance closes those gaps. You may recall the devastation from 1999 when three high-valued homes slid into the river in Edmonton, Canada. What you may not know is that only two of those homes were covered by Insurance, and both homes had a specialty Luxury Home Insurance policy.

High-Value Home Insurance is a specialty product designed for homes with a replacement cost value in excess of $750,000.00. Here at Leibel Insurance Group we have a niche market for just this type of risk, and for those individuals who know a home isn’t just made up of floors, ceilings, and walls.

Our specialty product and market can have you resting assured that your home, its contents, and your Liability are insured with the most comprehensive coverage.

Things to consider when deciding between a standard home policy and your Luxury Home Insurance policy are:

  • Increased Jewelry coverage
  • Personal Umbrella Liability in excess of $5,000,000.00
  • Equipment breakdown
  • Legal expense coverage
  • Unlimited additional living expenses

Some additional benefits to insuring your home with a Luxury Home Insurance policy would be that you get complimentary appraisals; these not only help to ensure you have the correct value, but also improves the safety of your home and family.

Leibel Insurance Group is here to help, so act now! Let us review your policy and provide you with a no-obligation quote for your High Valued Home. We provide you with peace of mind. Contact us today.

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