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Recreational Vehicle Insurance Alberta

Recreational Vehicle Insurance

Our Recreational Vehicle Insurance will keep you off the beaten track. For Alberta's Best Recreational Vehicle Insurance, contact Leibel Insurance Group for a free quote today!
  • Protect Yourself Against Collisions and Theft
  • Secure Your Vehicle From Insured Elements
  • Cover Unexpected Claims
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Heading to the cottage with your ATV this summer? Leibel Insurance Group has got you covered! Whether it’s a fishing trip with the boys, or a laid back trail tour with the kids, we can insure your recreational vehicle with a Recreational Vehicle Insurance policy.

Leibel Insurance Group can offer coverage for your quad, snowmobile, Argo, or even your dirt bike. ATVs are designed for off-road use, on rugged terrain, on land, ice or snow. Although some policies may limit or exclude coverage if you take your recreation vehicle into a body of water. It is important to discuss this with one of our qualified brokers if it is something you might be doing.

ATV Insurance is similar to other types of Auto Insurance in that if you plan on taking it on public property/crown land – you need liability insurance! And registration is required.

The operation of a recreation vehicle on crown land is regulated by Section 319 of the Alberta Traffic Safety Act. These regulations cover the use of any vehicle on public lands, including but not limited to parks and roads. For more information, you can view these regulations at

In addition to the mandatory coverage of Liability insurance & Accident Benefits coverage, you can insure your ATV/recreation vehicle for additional things such as collision, theft or loss of use. This coverage may be required by your lender if you are financing your recreation vehicle.

  • Collision – covers the cost of repair or the replacement of your ATV if you have a collision with another ATV or an object. Hitting a tree stump, rolling the vehicle or even if it were to fall off the towing vehicle.
  • Comprehensive – covers damage to your ATV caused by theft, vandalism, fire, wind & hail.

Some additional endorsements to enhance your basic Recreational Vehicle Insurance policy are:

  • loss of use, or breakdown
  • Coverage on the trailer, or any special attached equipment or accessories

Here at Leibel Insurance Group we are also able to insure your little’s one’s All Terrain Vehicle. Although there are many safety guidelines, including size & horsepower. It is always important to supervise your youngsters when using these powerful machines, and helmets are a must!

The child’s age, weight and maturity are key factors for when and if you decide to allow them to operate such powerful machines. Keep in mind, riding with your children allows you to model the type of behavior and safe driving habits you want them to use.

Other Things To Consider:

When you think of a recreational vehicle policy most people assume that this is just for quads, or snowmobiles however in the insurance world a ATV Insurance policy also covers mopeds and dirt bikes.

A Moped is a motor-assisted bicycle that has operable pedals, and weighs no more than 55 kg (120 lbs). It has no motor-driven clutch or gearbox and it can’t travel faster than 50 km (30 mph) on level ground. Piston displacement may not exceed 50 ccs.

A Dirt bike is defined as a motorcycle designed for use on rough terrain, such as unsurfaced roads or tracks, and used especially in scrambling.

Factors that often affect the cost of your insurance are your location, age, experience, driving record, type and cost of the Dirt Bike or moped you own.

Act Now!

Contact Leibel Insurance Group today for a free review, and no obligation Alberta ATV Insurance quote! We look forward to being able to assist in all of your insurance needs.


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