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Surety Bonds

Running a business or managing large projects comes with financial risks. That's why surety bonds from Leibel Insurance provide an added layer of financial security and assurance for your business relationships.
We’ve been providing businesses and individuals with personalized insurance solutions since 1981. Our award-winning, family-owned brokerage offers a wide range of insurance options, tailored to your unique needs. Today, we spotlight one of our key offerings – Surety Bonds, a financial safety net designed to ensure contractual obligations are met.

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What Are Surety Bonds

A surety bond is a simple agreement where one party guarantees that another party will fulfill their obligation. 

The Principal – This is the party responsible for fulfilling the obligation, such as completing a project.

The Obligee – This is the party who requires the obligation be met, like a government agency.

The Surety – This is the party who issues the bond and guarantees the obligation will be fulfilled. This is normally an insurance company.

If the principal fails to meet their obligation, the obligee makes a claim on the bond. The surety company then steps in and pays the obligee to cover their losses, up to the amount of the bond.

Surety bonds provide a guarantee and peace of mind around important obligations. Common examples include bonds for construction contracts, business licenses, and supply agreements.

The Role of Surety Bonds in the Construction Industry

In the construction industry, Surety Bonds are indispensable. They act as a guarantee that all parties involved in construction projects meet their financial obligations. Let’s take a closer look at various types of Surety Bonds tailored for the construction industry:

Contract Bonds: These bonds offer assurance that construction will be completed in line with the terms specified in the contract. If the contractor defaults, the developer can file a claim to recuperate their financial losses.

Bid Bonds: These bonds promise that the principal can meet the requirements contained in the bid. Often used alongside performance bonds, they provide an extra layer of security for project completion.

Payment Bonds: These bonds guarantee payment for suppliers, subcontractors, and laborers.

Maintenance Bonds: These cover materials and workmanship for up to two years post-construction completion.

Supply Bonds: These bonds ensure that a supplier will deliver the promised materials for the construction project.

Why Choose Surety Bond Insurance?

Surety Bonds can elevate a small business’s competitiveness when pitching for contracts, providing an additional layer of assurance that the project will be completed. Furthermore, businesses may wish to have a fidelity bond, which offers protection in the event of theft or fraud.

Moreover, Surety Bond Insurance is often a legal requirement for different industries. Licensing and permit bonds are designed to assure clients that you will perform your job ethically and in accordance with professional standards. However, laws vary across states, making it crucial to check specific regulations in your state.

Leibel’s Dedication to Your Success

At Leibel Insurance Group, we are dedicated to providing the best solutions, trustworthy advice, and superior service. Our mission is to offer the best value while ensuring your homes and businesses are comprehensively protected. With our wealth of industry knowledge, we are well-equipped to guide you to the most suitable Surety Bond Insurance for your needs, at the most competitive price.

Fortify Your Business with Leibel’s Surety Bonds Today

If you are seeking reliable Surety Bond Insurance in Alberta or Ontario, Leibel Insurance Group is ready to help. Our experienced team is prepared to secure the most comprehensive coverage at the most competitive price for your business needs.

Strengthen your business obligations with Leibel’s Surety Bonds. Contact us today for a consultation and discover the Leibel difference.

Leibel Insurance Group – Your trusted ally in securing business obligations.

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