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The Advantages of Using a Dash Cam For Insurance

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Having a dashcam on your car may come in handy more than you would think, especially when it comes to insurance. Dashcams constantly record the events that take place while you’re driving. Dashcam installation is popular in vehicles that are driven frequently such as taxis, Ubers, food delivery drivers, and trucks. Maybe you don’t drive as often as some of these occupations, but there are still some fairly significant advantages to using a dashcam in your commuter car.

Record Accidents and Use the Footage as Evidence

While you won’t get an insurance break from installing a dash cam, it can certainly assist you should you find yourself in an accident. Accidents happen every single day. Some accidents are clearly one individual’s fault, whereas others the fault is debated. When you have a dash cam, you can help show that the accident may not be a result of your own actions and can save you thousands if the matter enters a courtroom.

Prevent Fraud

Fake or staged accidents are a scheme to extort innocent drivers and claim insurance funds for an accident that may be difficult to prove. Personal injuries tend to be hard to prove or disprove without concrete evidence. Luckily for dash cam owners, proving an accident did or didn’t take place is quite simple. A judge and an insurance company can quickly be able to identify a real accident from one that was fabricated based on video footage provided.

Record Your Scenic Drives

Do you plan on taking long scenic road trips this season? Why not record every second for your own personal collection with a dashcam? Dashcams typically begin recording as soon as you turn on the engine and capture the road in front of you for the duration of your journey. This is an excellent way to capture the scenery around you while you focus on the driving task at hand.

Avoid Theft and Vandalism

If you are concerned about car theft and vandalism, a remote dash cam might be the best option for you. Some dashboard cameras can be controlled by your phone or turn to a setting that runs overnight. This way, you can remotely monitor activity and immediately have evidence should something happen with your vehicle.

All dash cams record road activity, but these recordings can be used in a variety of different ways. Talk to Leibel Insurance Group about our dashcam recommendations and how we value dashcam footage! Looking for an insurance quote? Call us at 1-866-484-8880 to connect with a broker and get started with your perfect auto insurance today.

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