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Motorcycles: Licenses, Insurance, and more!

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Motorcycles: Licenses, Insurance, and more!/h2>

With motorcycle season coming, Leibel Insurance knows that safety comes first. What better way to get into riding than learning the safest ways to handle your bike.

Alberta offers many types of programs for riders to participate in. Whether you are interested in learning to ride for the first time, want to brush up on your skills, or want to safely learn advanced techniques, there are programs available from beginner to advanced.

We’ve put together some information for new riders on what it takes to get your motorcycle class 6 license:

Getting Your License

Now that you’ve decided that two wheels is the way to roll, getting your class 6 license is required. To begin you will need to have a valid driver’s license. This can be either a class 7 or class 5 license. Not sure which one you have? A class 5 is either your GDL, or full license, while your class 7 is your learner’s. Depending on which one you hold, your restrictions will vary. For instance, if you have your class 7, you will be required to pass the class 6 road test and place into the GDL program to receive your full class 6. Your ultimate goal will be to get your class 6 driver’s license which enables you to ride on public roadways without a supervisor.

Passing Your Test

Riders testing to get their license are required to complete a road test which can be scheduled through the registries or some motorcycle schools.

Ready to take your test?

The person conducting the examination is going to be looking out for multiple cues to make sure you are ready to ride on your own. Rider’s must be able to demonstrate their ability to perform riding procedures such as following rules and regulations of the road. Your examiner will also be checking for confidence and handling of the bike.

Where Does Insurance Come In?

  • Thinking About Getting Your Motorcycle License? Did you know you are required to have registration and Motorcycle Insurance to ride?
  • Not sure what type of coverage would be best? Talk to your broker, we can help you find the best policy suited to your needs.
  • Less isn’t likely more. Remember, finding the best deal on insurance can raise red flags. Check your coverage to make sure your policy is going to cover the right things, and not the bare minimum.
  • Train and Save! As a brokerage, Leibel Insurance works with many insurers that offer discounts when riders have completed training classes. As your broker if you apply!


More questions about what you need to take your class 6 test? For a complete guide visit: Alberta Transportation


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