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Trade Credit Insurance

In a world of unpredictable economic shifts, safeguarding your financial stability should be a top priority. Leibel Insurance Group is here to ensure your business thrives, regardless of the financial health of your customers.
As your trusted partner, we bring to you our innovative Trade Credit Insurance offering – a comprehensive shield protecting your business against customer default. With a legacy dating back to 1981, our award-winning insurance brokerage is big enough to offer competitive markets, yet small enough to maintain a personal touch.

Call (866) 484-8880 now to speak directly with an Insurance Specialist about Trade Credit Insurance or complete a no-pressure no-obligation quote request form.

Protect Your Business Assets with Leibel’s Trade Credit Insurance

The Role of Trade Credit Insurance

Envision a situation where your business extends credit to a customer based on trust. However, due to unforeseen financial difficulties or political instability, they default on their payments. Such scenarios can inflict severe financial strain on your business. Trade Credit Insurance, also known as Accounts Receivable Insurance, shields you from such risks, providing a safety net for your operations.

Trade Credit Insurance is a comprehensive financial tool that safeguards sellers from losses due to customer default. It enables businesses to mitigate risks associated with extending credit to their customers, thereby ensuring smooth business operations.

Why Leibel’s Trade Credit Insurance?

At Leibel Insurance, we recognize the financial uncertainties your business may encounter. Our Trade Credit Insurance offers numerous benefits:

Boost Sales: Our Trade Credit Insurance paves the way for you to extend higher credit limits to customers, potentially elevating your sales and profits.

Enhance Market Presence: Our insurance allows you to transition customers from letters of credit to open account terms, streamlining transactions and strengthening business relationships.

Strengthen Banking Relationships: Trade Credit Insurance can lead to more favourable bank financing options, enhancing the working capital available from your receivables.

Expand International Reach: Our coverage enables you to extend the credit limit of an existing overseas customer, providing an extra layer of financial safety.

Comprehensive Business Coverage

Our Trade Credit Insurance provides extensive domestic and export credit insurance. It offers protection against loss arising from buyer payment default due to insolvency, protracted default, or the failure of the exchange authority in the buyer’s country to transfer foreign currency.

Multinational Credit Insurance Programs

For businesses with international operations, Leibel Insurance offers multinational credit insurance programs. These provide integrated coverage for insolvency, protracted default, and currency transfer risk on your global accounts receivable asset.

Single-Buyer Policy

Our Top-Buyer/Single-Buyer Policy is designed to protect your most valuable business relationships, offering accounts receivable coverage for your top/key customer(s) domestically or globally.

Customized Trade Finance Insurance

For financial institutions participating in financing domestic and/or foreign trade receivables, we offer a broad spectrum of trade credit insurance options, each customized to your unique needs and risk profile.

Leibel’s Promise to You

As a leading insurance provider in Alberta, Leibel Insurance Group is committed to delivering innovative solutions, trusted advice, and exceptional service. Our mission goes beyond just providing insurance. We aim to create a safety net for your homes and businesses, ensuring they are shielded from potential risks. With Leibel Insurance Group, you can expect more than just an insurance policy. You receive the assurance that your assets are protected, backed by our dedicated and professional team, always ready to serve you. 

Secure Your Business Today

If you’re seeking reliable Trade Credit Insurance in Alberta, trust Leibel Insurance Group. Our knowledgeable team is ready to secure the most comprehensive coverage at the most competitive price for your business needs.

Safeguard your business against financial instability with Leibel’s Trade Credit Insurance. Contact us today for a consultation.

Leibel Insurance Group – Your trusted partner in business protection.

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