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Best Farm Insurance Alberta

Farm Insurance

Since 1981, Our Farm Insurance has Been Protecting Canadian Farmers Against Risk and Financial Burden. Get Your Free Canada Farm Insurance Quote Today.
  • Protect Your Farm, Livestock, Equipment, and Crop
  • Cover Liability Exposures from Unique Operations and Events
  • Impairment and Environmental Liability Coverage Available
  • Experienced and Knowledgeable Farm Claims Adjusters

Call (866) 484-8880 now to speak directly with an Insurance Specialist about Farm Insurance or complete a no-pressure no-obligation quote request form.

Farm Insurance Alberta

Canada is long known for its farming, whether it be, a small acreage, crops, livestock or dairy. At Leibel Insurance, we have been protecting Farm risks since 1981. We pride ourselves on having specialized staff who understand the needs of today’s farmers, and have personal experience whether it be a small Hobby farm or your large Dairy operations, we have the right Farm Insurance for you.

Do You Have Farm Employees?

If you have farm employees, you can have medical coverage included with your farm liability, this is usually a requirement as farm employees don’t have WCB.

Do You Run Events Out On Your Farm?

If you run sleigh rides, haunted houses, or any other event for the public on your property, you need to ensure your Insurer is aware of these liability exposures, and that you have the right coverage to protect your assets.

Do You Use Electronic Equipment On Your Farm To Help With The Operations?

Whether it be a dairy operation or crops; technology has come a long way in how it can benefit a farmer. At Leibel Insurance will do a full review of your property and electronic equipment to ensure you have the proper Farm and Crop Insurance for these priceless advancements that help you day to day. Including equipment breakdown, and resulting damages.

The above things are often forgotten when you set up a Farm Insurance policy because most people don’t have an understanding of the new modern risks associated with farming in the 21st century.

Some additional things to consider when protecting your Canada farm:

  • Outbuildings – There are many ways and forms of Insurance available for your outbuildings.
    • Actual Cash Value – this form will give you what your building is worth today with depreciation. This type of coverage is good for those buildings that if a loss occurred wouldn’t be replaced.
    • Replacement Cost– for the newer building that is detrimental to your operations, this form will replace the building for you based on the value you choose to insure it too. When using this type of form for your insurance, you need to be careful as the insurance company will penalize you for under insurance.
  • Livestock – You can insure your cattle/horses, for the actual cash value of the cost to replace the animal. We can insure them for mostly anything but natural causes.
  • Equine – Do you have race horses, or board horses in one of your barns- you need special coverage for these types of operations- specifically called an Equine policy. We can also insure your Racehorse for mortality based on its race records.
  • Grain – Do you have hoppers filled waiting for pick up? Are your silos full after harvesting? Did you know this is an asset and you can insure your product? You keep your money safe, why wouldn’t you want a policy to protect your potential profits.
  • Farm equipment – Besides insuring the physical damage on your farm equipment have you confirmed that you have the extensions to protect from Ingestion on your combine? What about if that tractor is involved in an insurable loss, will the insurance company provide you with a temporary replacement?

Protect What Matters Most With Farm Insurance

If you aren’t confident in your current farm insurance policy, give us a call and one of our farm insurance specialists will review your policy and farming operation at no charge to you. Have peace of mind and confidence when it comes to your farm, your family and your lifestyle. Let our Farm and Crop Insurance specialists help you and your family feel secure.

Contact Leibel Insurance today, and get a full review and no-obligation quote on what matters most to you. Your home and your farm business should and needs to be protected adequately.


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