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Railroad Insurance

Railroad Insurance Keep Your Railroad Company on Track. Get Your Free Canada Railroad Insurance Quotes Today!
  • Protect Your Business Against Derailment
  • Environmental Cleanups and Containment Coverage
  • Cover Unexpected Expenses and Liability Claims
  • Care, Custody, and Control for Railcars Provided

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Canada Railroad Insurance Specialists

The economy remains on the move with the help of those who work hard in the railroad industry. A considerable amount is riding on professionals just like you. Keeping your business strong means acquiring the right Railroad Insurance coverage to protect you against the risk exposures and liabilities that come along with working in this unique industry.

The brokers of Leibel Insurance in Canada are here to help you by going the extra mile in order to make certain that all of your needs are met with the ideal coverage. Leibel Insurance will offer you the smartest and most unique coverage options at the most affordable premium prices for your railroad insurance needs.

The Benefit Of Expert Experience

Handling risks for a railroad company is more of a challenge than it has ever been. Even the smallest inaccuracy in preparations can lead to huge financial losses for you and your business. This means that you need a Railroad Insurance broker who has extensive experience guiding railroad companies toward the ideal coverage plans, which is exactly what you get from our experienced team.

Leibel Insurance has insurance specialists who are experts in your industry. Railroad Insurance specialists have a profound knowledge of both the history and the most recent operating trends. Therefore, you can rest easy knowing that our insurance professionals are well armed to cultivate tailored Railroad Liability Insurance solutions that will meet both the traditional as well as the newly evolving needs of your railroad company.

Customized Solutions For Your Railway

Leibel Insurance can provide you with state-of-the-art insurance products. You will have peace of mind knowing that you are getting the most comprehensive coverage in combination with expert guidance on the most effective ways to protect your company’s financial stability. With us on board, you will have the help that you need for your company to keep its competitive edge.

Leibel Insurance has coverage available for railroad service companies, railroad components parts manufacturers, railroad contractors as well as railroad suppliers. Our Railroad Insurance experts are established members of the railroad community with wide-ranging knowledge in managing the risks associated with the industry.

Leibel Insurance offers customized policies for operations. Our brokers are able to draw on their in-depth expertise, solid industry relationships and wide-reaching resources to provide you with tailor-made insurance solutions to meet your unique needs.

Railway Insurance

Railways cut through practically all of the communities in Canada, and in Canada especially. In recent years,  railway accidents have drawn attention to the liability issues that the industry faces. Therefore, it is vital that the companies that operate them have the right Railroad Liability Insurance coverage in place.

In 2013, an oil train hurtled seven miles downhill and crashed into the center of the Quebec town of Lac-Megantic due to an engineer’s failure to properly set the brakes. There was also a fire on the train just hours prior to the crash. At least five of the train cars exploded. Parts of the town were devastated, more than a hundred homes were destroyed and forty-seven people lost their lives. The cost of cleanup was close to $200 million. This was only the fourth-deadliest railroad accident in the history of Canada.

If a train happens to derail, the operator is generally at fault for the damages. This includes property damage, injuries and the lost freight. There are four main coverage types of Railway Insurance, which includes:

  • Property damage and bodily injury – This will provide coverage for the destruction and injuries that are the result of a derailment.
  • Bill of lading, or cargo insurance – This type of coverage will provide the shipper with a reimbursement for the damaged or lost cargo, which is usually a set amount that follows a loss schedule. Therefore, shippers will often secure their own separate cargo insurance.
  • Foreign rolling stock insurance – This insurance will cover the cost of losses to the cars that are not owned by the operator.
  • Evacuation expense insurance – This coverage will take care of the cost to clean up after the spilling of hazardous materials, such as polluting or toxic substances.

Generally, coverage is provided for pollution and terrorism. This has been the cause of some concern for experts who feat the accumulation of explosive materials in locations that are difficult to protect, which may be tempting to terrorists.

Click on the quote request button now to see just how easy it is to obtain the peace of mind that only comes with having a reliable and comprehensive Railroad Liability Insurance policy from Leibel Insurance. The potential risks of not having the right insurance coverage far outweigh the cost of the premium. Your broker will show you how you can get coverage to help avoid the high cost of a devastating loss.

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