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Is Your Hydrovac Vehicle Adequately Covered? Specialized Canada Hydrovac Insurance Keeps You Protected. Get Your Free Hydrovac Insurance Quotes Today.
  • Rig up Expense Coverage Available for Increased Protection
  • Cover Unexpected Breakdowns, Loss of Use, and Income Loss
  • Combined Deductible Options Available
  • Protected Yourself Against Environmental Liability Claims
  • Dedicated Claims Control Adjusters Available

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Canada Hydrovac Insurance

Hydrovac excavation is a non-destructive process that uses pressurized water combined with a vacuum system for digging. This process can be used to make a visual observation of underground pipes, utilities and other infrastructures in order to avoid such things during digging.

Some of the primary applications for hydrovac operations include:

  • Engineering subsurface utilities
  • Exposure of underground lines
  • Piling holes
  • Plant excavation
  • Traffic signals
  • Utility poles
  • Water stands

A large number of hydrovac trucks are completely self-contained and provide three services, which includes water, pressure and vacuum. The water from the hydrovac truck is pressurized and dispensed via a unique handheld wand that makes it easy to penetrate soil. A sludge that is made up of some water and soil is created. This sludge is then vacuumed up using a debris hose that features a powerful vacuum system and deposited into the truck’s debris tank.

The Specialized Coverage That You Require

Such a specialized service requires a specific Hydrovac Insurance program that provides adequate coverage for related operations in Canada. Leibel Insurance provides flexible coverage at a competitive price that is customized to meet your specific needs.

Some of the most popular Hydrovac Contractors Insurance coverage options include:

  • First party environmental liability – First party environmental liability insurance will provide you with coverage for a contamination or spill that requires extensive cleanup. This type of coverage is important to have just in case some kind of chemical that you use for your hydrovac business leaks onto the ground of your premises. The cleanup effort is paid for through your first person liability insurance policy.
  • Third-party environmental liability – Third-party environmental liability insurance provides you with protection against claims that a pollutant released by your operations caused an adverse effect on others. If other people are affected by the contamination of public air or water supply, then you will be able to rely on your third-party environmental liability insurance to provide you with adequate coverage.
  • Variances in provisional environmental liability – This coverage is necessary in order to fill the gap between general liability and auto liability
  • Business interruption coverage – Business interruption insurance offers you protection against the loss of use of the hydrovac truck due to a covered incident. This form of Hydrovac Truck Insurance will replace any business income that you lose as the result of a covered event that leads to the interruption of operations of your business. This type of insurance is usually added to a property insurance policy or included in your comprehensive Hydrovac Insurance policy. The amount of financial compensation that you will receive if your business operations are interrupted by an insured loss will depend on the previous financial records of your hydrovac operations business.
  • Equipment breakdown insurance – This will provide you with coverage for production machinery as well as the loss of income that results. It is easy to think of your equipment breakdown coverage as a sort of accident, disability and health insurance for your hydrovac equipment. Commercial property insurance policies do not always include equipment breakdown coverage, so you need to specifically ask your broker about this coverage to make certain that your business will be adequately protected.
  • Borrowed or rented equipment coverage – Buying the equipment that you need to complete a job is not always the best option. When you have to rent, borrow or lease equipment because it is the best financial choice, you will need coverage to protect you if the equipment that belongs to someone else is damaged or destroyed while it is in your control. While some insurance providers do not offer this type of coverage, you can rest assured that Leibel Insurance will do everything we can to make certain that your Hydrovac Contractors Insurance adequately protects you in all circumstances surrounding your hydrovac operations.
  • Hoist and crane operators’ liability – Hoist and crane operators may require greater liability limits due to the dangers associated with this type of work. Ask your broker about this type of coverage to determine if it is right for you.

These are only a select few of the many different options that you have when it comes to Hydrovac Truck Insurance. The most logical step is to obtain the information that you need in order to compare the options that are available to you. Then you will be confident that you are making the best decisions when it comes to your Canada hydrovac insurance.

Click on the quote request button now for a risk-free quote from Leibel Insurance. You will have all of the detailed information that you need with absolutely no obligation. Your insurance broker will offer you a wide variety of Hydrovac Contractors Insurance plans that are designed specifically to provide you with the dependable, all-inclusive coverage that you need. Call now to have your broker give you all of the details that you need to choose the best hydrovac insurance policy that meets your unique needs, budget, and situation.

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