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Canada Crane Insurance

The operation of a crane, boom truck or cherry picker is something that should only be done by someone who is properly trained to operate such equipment. However, even when the person behind the controls has years of experience things can go wrong. Therefore, it is vital that you have the right crane, boom truck or Boom Truck Insurance in place.

When Disaster Strikes

In order to understand the importance of having the right Cherry Picker Insurance coverage in place, you must first understand the risks that are involved in operating this type of heavy machinery.

In August of 2014, a crane was installing new street signs on the interstate when it overturned accidentally. An even larger crane had to be brought in to lift the equipment and stand it back upright. Two large wreckers were also called in for assistance. Fortunately, no one was injured in this incident, but the cost of recovery and any damage to the machine could be substantial without proper Crane Insurance to foot the bill.

In another incident at a pub that was undergoing renovation, firefighters had to be called in to rescue a man from a boom lift. Apparently, the boom lift hit a chimney and the damage was severe enough that the man inside was at a risk of falling. The man had to be rescued and the boom removed without toppling the chimney. Again, no reported injuries but the property damage and the cost of the rescue could be enough to close a small business.

A 48-year-old man was injured and had to be rushed to a local hospital due to an incident in Nova Scotia in July of 2014 with the boom truck he was using came into contact with some power lines. More than three thousand businesses and homes were without power for a number of hours. This means that the company did not only have to pay the cost of the worker’s medical expenses, but also for the disruption and damages to the surrounding area.

These are only a few of the accidents that have happened in recent years. There are many others such as the man who was killed when the crane bent and the overturned crane that leaked two hundred gallons of hydraulic and diesel fuel all over a busy roadway.

The simple fact of the matter is that boom truck, crane and cherry picker accidents are in abundance. It is not a matter of “if” an accident is going to happen, but instead “when”. There are countless examples of substantial evidence that proves the need for proper coverage is dire.

Why You Need Boom Truck Insurance

Cherry Picker Insurance addresses the exact risks that crane contractors and operators face. These are risks that are just not protected against adequately under a standard business insurance policy. When you factor in the high cost of the equipment, the value of the property involved and the major liability exposure, the only solution is a specialized Crane Insurance program.

Even coming strictly from the standpoint of planning for your business, adequate coverage is essential if you want to secure contracts. All of the jobs in this industry involve contracts that state clearly that it is the obligation of the operator to meet the insurance requirements in order to win a job bid.

When it comes to risk management for your crane operating business, without proper insurance, a single accident will have a seriously negative impact on your company. In fact, it could even put you out of business for good.

Quality Coverage From An Experienced Provider

At Leibel Insurance, we are always striving to maintain detailed knowledge of the crane services industry in order to provide our clients with the best possible coverage. Our insurance brokers understand that in your industry specialized coverage is required and we are just the insurance brokerage that can provide it.

In addition to quality customer service, we also have a wide array of Boom Truck Insurance products to offer, such as:

  • Auto Insurance
  • General Liability Insurance
  • Inland Marine Insurance
  • Umbrella Liability Insurance
  • Workers Compensation Insurance

Our team of experienced brokers has in-depth knowledge of the Cherry Picker Insurance that is required for the operation of cranes, boom trucks and cherry pickers. We can offer you the coverage you need at a price that will fit your situation and your budget. In order to apply for a risk-free, no obligation quote, all you have to do is click on the quote request button now.

As you can tell from the above stories, the potential risks of operating a crane, boom truck or cherry picker without adequate insurance could prove to be quite expensive and devastating. Therefore, you cannot afford to hesitate. You have to act now in order to secure the coverage that you need to protect your business, your equipment and your employees. Act now before it is too late.

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