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Receive the Coverage You Require for Your Contractor Business. No Matter How Big or Small, The Best Coverage is Available for Your Needs!
  • Same day insurance certificates available
  • Environmental insurance protection options
  • Free commercial insurance policy assessment
  • Hail and fire per occurrence deductible for equipment, tools, and vehicles

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Why Contractor Insurance?

Contractors in all industries face the very real risk of exposure to loss, as the construction industry is among the most dangerous fields of service. There is an ongoing need to minimize the risks associated with the operations being performed by a Contractor in order to minimize the chances of a loss occurring. Although we all hope and believe that a loss will not occur on our watches, accidents can and do, happen. In the construction industry especially, this reality is all too real.

Wondering Who Needs Contractors Insurance?

If you are a Contractor in any of the following industries, chances are that you have a risk to which you are exposed:

If you are an Alberta Contractor who falls into a more specialized area, note that the list of contractors requiring insurance is not limited to the above examples. If you are running an independently owned business and are performing a service for a client, consider looking at a policy that is tailored to the type of service you are providing. In doing so, your business will be protected in the event of a risk exposure.

Client Insurance Requirements

Choosing to purchase an Alberta Contractors Insurance product for your operations is not only a benefit to you and your employees, it can also be a requirement for many of your clients. At times, Contractors may enter into an agreement with a client for a specific project, where the client is requesting proof of General Liability insurance. In some cases, the client may also request to be listed as an Additional Insured to the policy. Being able to provide your client with proof of insurance may be the deciding factor in you being successful at securing the project. It also shows your client that you are pro-active in protecting yourself from the many risks you may be exposed to on the job.

How Leibel Insurance Can Help You

Your Leibel Insurance broker will be able to guide you when it comes to the coverage options to be included in your policy. Your insurance broker will be able to give you advice on what products are best suited for you based on the type of work you are performing. Your insurance broker will also offer you suggestions on insurance products available to you in addition to General Liability, such as Commercial Auto Insurance, Course of Construction insurance, Wrap-up Liability, Cyber Insurance, and many more.

Not all clients know exactly what coverages they need, or what the benefits of these coverages are. Your broker at Leibel Insurance is expertly trained in knowing what coverages to recommend to you and will place you with the best product for your needs. All quotes provided are free of charge and the purchase of coverage could potentially save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars in liability claims.

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