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Leibel Insurance is a full-service insurance brokerage with years of experience throughout Canada. Our insurance brokers in Etobicoke are highly skilled, friendly and they are experts for trusted insurance advice. Leibel Insurance is the broker to turn to for reasonable prices that will provide you with the most coverage – the absolute best bang for your buck.
The things you own, your business, your belongings, your home, your car – even you – are all worth protecting. The future is unpredictable, but your coverage is something that you can control. You get to decide exactly how much coverage you want and with the guidance of one of our Etobicoke insurance brokers, you will be surprised by how much you can actually afford to insure.
Why should you trust Liable Insurance? That’s easy.

Experience. We now operate in various provinces across Canada and have been in the business for close to 40 years. We know the ins and outs of insurance and want to use our expertise to help you get the coverage that is perfect for you.
Excellent testimonials. We are so very proud of the long list of happy clients that we have accumulated over the years. Take a look for yourself – you can read a list of honest customer testimonials here.
Huge selection. Need an Etobicoke insurance broker to help you insure your drone? You got it. Perhaps you own a farm that you would like to insure or need errors and omissions insurance for your law firm. We even offer group insurance options. Insurance is not just about covering cars and homes, it is really about protecting anything that you value.
We care. We are an insurance brokerage that believes in supporting charities. To us, it is very important to give back to the communities in which we lay our roots. In a way, our community involvement reflects the way we treat our clients as well – with genuine respect and gratitude.
Work in various industries. Leibel Insurance has extensive experience working with all sorts of businesses. We have an especially large portfolio of contractor clients. If you need your business insured, you have come to the right place!
Easy to use mobile app. Insurance can be complicated, that is why we go to great lengths to simplify it for you. One of the ways our Etobicoke insurance brokerage does this is by providing you with an app that lets you review any claims, update your policy info and even chat with us directly.
We like to have a little fun. We regularly host contests and giveaways for our loyal clients! We give you a chance to win some awesome prizes simply by referring someone to us. And we do not limit your entries or force silly restrictions – we want to see you win!

There are plenty of reasons to pick Leibel as your Etobicoke insurance broker. It is time to save you some money and make sure that the things you work so hard to own are protected no matter the circumstance. Reach out to us for a quote, we would love to hear from you.

Mishaps happen all the time. Your home floods. There is a fire in your business property. Maybe even a theft occurs of one of your valuable items. We cannot prevent unfortunate events from occurring but we can protect the things we value most through a strong insurance policy. At Leibel Insurance Etobicoke we offer basically any type of insurance you might need, whether personal or for business.

Our Experience and Reputation
With almost 40 years of experience, it is safe to say that we must be doing something right. We are lucky to have such a long list of happy clients that come back to us repeatedly for their insurance coverage needs. Over our decades we have built trust with those we service but our relationships extend beyond our clients. Being in the industry this long we have made lots of great business relationships with various insurance companies. They know us just as well as we know them and this makes it easy for us to give them a call and stay up to date on all their offerings and learn about any promotional deals that we can offer our clients. We are proud of the reputation that we have built for ourselves in other Canadian cities and are bringing those connections and years of experience to Etobicoke as well.

What We Offer
There are so many types of insurance policies that you could need. It usually comes down to whether what you are insuring is for personal reasons or business purposes. Let’s explore some of your options.

Personal Insurance
Our clients often reach out to us to help them insure their homes, their vehicles and well as any other valuable items. You can insure a valuable piece of jewelry, your boat, or cover yourself against any potential liabilities. We even offer options that help you stay protected against identity theft. It is one of the ways we help you think ahead. Some of the most popular insurance policies that our clients have us find are:
Home insurance
Car insurance
Boat insurance
Seasonal property insurance
ATV insurance
Cyber insurance
Event insurance
Bundle insurance
Condo insurance

Commercial Insurance
If you are a business owner you know exactly how much work it took you to get to where you are. Because accidents happen, you never want to be left scrambling to pick up the pieces on your own. It is especially important to ensure that your business is safe against any lawsuits and liabilities. It is all too easy to watch your business be torn down by an unfortunate event if you have not made sure that you are properly covered. This is where a Leibel Insurance Broker can make all the difference. With their extensive policy knowledge, our Etobicoke insurance brokers can make sure you are protected in the event that you encounter any issues. Commercial insurance is especially complicated. These policies should be handled by someone who has the experience and knowledge to look through the fine print and confidently assure you that you are protected. Our clients most often ask us for help with:
Commercial property insurance
Contractor’s insurance
Plumber’s insurance
Electrician’s insurance
Commercial auto insurance
Transportation insurance
Errors & omissions insurance
General liability insurance
Farm Insurance & Crop Insurance

Finding a Policy on Your Own Vs. With Us
If you are looking for personal or commercial coverage, you might be able to sift through the various policies available out there on your own. It is certainly possible. There are two issues with this, however. To look at all the various types of protection, their prices and the companies that offer them takes up time – lots of it. If you value your time, this task can be incredibly tedious and you still run the risk of not having found the best policy because you did not know exactly where to look. Which brings us to the second issue. If you are not an experienced broker you do not have the insurance business connections to find the best insurance policy deals. You probably also do not have extensive knowledge on various policy types and the fine print that comes with each of them. Because of this, you are a lot more likely to pick a coverage plan that does not come through when you need it most.
Here is how that all changes with an insurance broker. We will quickly scan the various policies available to you because we have a huge database of information as well as a long list of contacts. We will reach out to those insurance companies for you and ensure that you are getting the best possible deal. Furthermore, we will read the fine print for you and let you know what you are really covered for in the event that you might need to dip into your insurance coverage. Our job is to eliminate the risk for you in your policy search as well as in your daily life.

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