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How can I Prevent Fires on my Property?

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Your home is your place of joy, comfort, and safety, so you must protect it as best you can. Safeguarding your property against fire is very important, and you must focus on the home and your yard.

Fires that start in a yard can spread quickly to your home and neighbouring properties and will cause severe damage, so this is something that must be prevented. Following a few simple steps can not only help prevent fires on your property but will also minimize damage and stop fires from spreading, so make sure you do the following:

Keep your yard clean

Weeds, dead trees and shrubs should be cleared, as should anything else that can become problematic if a spray spark were to come into contact with it. Make sure you prune lower tree limbs, so they do not serve as fire ladders and rake dead leaves out from under your deck. You should also clear leaves and twigs from your gutters, as these steps will help prevent fires on your property. A tidy yard is very important not only for enjoyment, but also for preventative measures so take the time to do this. 

Make sure flammable materials are not stored near your house

You should keep propane tanks at least 30 feet away from your home, as well as matches, lighters, and other heat sources. Firewood should also be stacked at least 30 feet away from your house, as this will help protect your property. 

Fire Pits

If you have a fire pit in your yard, ensure that you have a safe distance from all surrounding objects including your home, fences, trees, and shrubs. You’ll also want to make sure that the area isn’t covered with any canopies. For extra safety, have the garden hose nearby when enjoying an evening around the fire pit. Once done for the night, be sure to spray the fire completely out to avoid reignite.

Clean your barbeque before use

All barbeques require care and maintenance, so do not forget to clean yours before your next meal. It’s also a must that you keep children, pets, and combustibles away from your barbeque for safety purposes. Position your barbeque strategically and place it far away from wooden fences, vinyl siding, or anything else that can burn. If you ever experience a grease fire, smother it with baking soda to put it out. Water will not work and may cause the fire to spread, so while it may be your first instinct to pour water, grab baking soda instead. It’s also vital that you keep an eye on your barbeque when it’s lit because people have a tendency to walk away, which can be very dangerous. 

Water your potted plants regularly

Potting soil contains peat moss which is highly flammable if it gets too dry, and this can happen fast as the soil in potted plants dries faster than in garden beds. You need to make sure this soil stays moist by watering it frequently. 

Extinguishing of Smoking Materials

While putting out a cigarette in a potted plant seems like a good idea, it can actually create a fire as the embers smoulder, lighting the peat moss on fire. Unfortunately these potted plants are right next to homes and light the exterior on fire very quickly.

Inspect your oil tank

Some homes have oil tanks, and if one is present on your property, you need to have it inspected once a year to ensure it’s airtight. This will prevent the fuel from overflowing or leaking, which will prevent fires on your property. 

Leibel Insurance understands the importance of your home, and our policies will provide you with the protection you need. Our brokers will provide you and your home or condo with the best coverage, so contact us today to find out more!

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