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Calgary Tenant (Renters) Insurance

Calgary residents can rely on Leibel Insurance for all of their tenant insurance needs. We will ensure you have the best policy that aligns with your circumstances.
  • Rest Easy Knowing Your Insurance Broker Helped You Find the Right Policy with the Best Coverage
  • Protect Your Biggest Investment from Unexpected Large Losses or Claims
  • Coverage Against Unanticipated  Liability Claims and Defence Costs

Call (866) 484-8880 now to speak directly with an Insurance Specialist about Calgary Tenant (Renters) Insurance or complete a no-pressure no-obligation quote request form.

What Is Tenant (Renters) Insurance?

This kind of insurance will protect your belongings and cover additional living expenses in the event of damage, loss or theft. Tenant insurance will also provide liability coverage, providing renters in Calgary with comfort and peace of mind in the event of an incident.

Tenant insurance is not mandatory but is highly recommended because this policy will allow you to protect yourself and your belongings without paying out of pocket for loss or damage. You can also save yourself headaches and expenses for someone else’s medical bills in the event that someone visiting your home is injured on the premises. This could become a costly expense; many would not be able to afford these fees on their own, and the right insurance coverage can help prevent financial ruin. Having a Tenants policy also helps start building your insurance history, helping you out in the long run.

What Does Tenant Insurance Cover In Calgary?

In Calgary, tenant insurance covers the following:

Contents Coverage

Your coverage will repair or replace belongings like clothing, electronics and furniture following damage, loss or theft up to a specified dollar amount within the policy. The insurance your landlord has will NOT cover your contents nor any expenses you will have to pay if you have to live elsewhere while repairs are being made to your rental home. This is why renters need their own policies to protect themselves from unnecessary expenses.

Additional Living Costs

If you are forced out of your rental due to an insured loss, your policy will cover hotel accommodations until you can return to the rental home.

Liability Coverage

If someone sues you, your policy will cover costs up to a specified limit to help you defend yourself. Liability insurance can provide coverage for bodily injury, which will cover damages awarded to someone who is injured at your home. It also covers property damage, covering costs if you unintentionally damage someone else’s property.

What Does Tenant Insurance Not Cover? 

High-value items like rare art, certain jewelry pieces, and sporting equipment may not be covered entirely, so your tenant insurance policy has limits you must be aware of. If you want to protect your valuable possessions, you can customize your policy and list additional items and their value.

How To Get The Best Deal For Tenant Insurance?

Comparing quotes is a great way to look for the best deals, but you can contact one of our Brokers directly to save time. We’ll do all the shopping for you and help you find the best tenant insurance policy to secure the best rates in Calgary. 

We may suggest bundling your policies which can make you eligible for a discount, and we can also discuss increasing your deductible.

Contact us today at 1-866-484-8880 to learn more about tenant insurance in Calgary!

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