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15 Driving Safety Tips

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Are you a new driver, or someone that could use a refresher on Driving Safety? Auto accidents are among the top 5 leading causes of death within Canada. A staggering statistic considering auto accidents are preventable, with a little knowledge in safety and an effort to be safe on the road.

Texting while driving has turned into one of the top supporters in auto accidents. Imagine yourself on the way to meet a friend for lunch, your texting them back and forth about a joke you had head earlier that day. You vehicle starts to swerve in and out, as your eyes are averted from the road. The light turns red and you keep driving as you didn’t see the change. You smack into someone crossing the street. This person is injured, hit their head, is unconscious and needs medical attention.

What if this person does not recover? Is the conversation you was having by text worth someone’s life? Texting while driving is the equivalent to driving drunk. Takes your attention away from the road and could be for as long as a football field in length by the time your attention is back on the road, and that is a long time.

To ensure this story does not happen to you, you’re in the right place. Obtaining more knowledge, researching best driving habits and tips on safety. Check out the tips below!

Tips For Safer Driving

  1. NO TEXTING! Texting while driving actively puts you and everyone else on the road in danger, as you are not paying due attention to the world around you. Just a few seconds of texting can lead to you not noticing a pedestrian, tree or another car until it’s too late. If it absolutely cannot wait, pull over to the side of the road and then check! Otherwise, there’s no harm in waiting until you reach your destination.
  2. Use Bluetooth – available to be installed in almost any type of vehicle.
  3. Drive Alone – only as many friends in the car as seat belts, teenage friends are distracting.
  4. Turn on headlights – more visible to other drivers with lights turned on at dusk and dawn.
  5. Stop speeding – safe speeds means less injury to yourself and others.
  6. Drive a safe vehicle – some vehicles are designed for looks and speed, buy a vehicle that is for reliability and has safety features instead.
  7. Keep a safe distance from the driver in front of you – 2 seconds is fairly standard and 4 seconds in stormy weather, or winter conditions.
  8. Pull over to eat or drink – eating is a distraction and could be enjoyed more if you take a few minutes to eat.
  9. Vehicle systems running properly – lights, signals, horn, winter and summer tires, wipers etc. need to be running properly to ensure safety. Regular maintenance and seasonal upkeep is required.
  10. Don’t allow children to fight or climb around in the car – very distracting and could cause injuries.
  11. Install child safety locks – this ensures children are kept secure while vehicle is moving.
  12. Avoid driving sleepy – restful sleep, avoid drowsy medications, or being lethargic. These factors slow down reaction time and alertness while driving.
  13. Driving for long distances – Take breaks and plan your trip to eat and make necessary calls or texts.
  14. Emergency kit – place a kit in your car that includes a blanket and flashlight. Many emergency vehicle kits are available at Canadian Tire.
  15. Ensure all cargo is secure – if you drop something, leave it there! Our nature is to pick it up, however it is best to wait until your vehicle is not in motion.

Many of these tips are common sense, especially with a little driving experience under your belt. The most dangerous risk is texting and speeding, so when out on the road keep in mind you are not the only one out there.

Teenage drivers cause more accidents that any other age group due to lack of experience and maturity. Our job, as educated drivers, is to find a balance in teaching how to DRIVE SAFE while still emulating fun, as being a new driver is an exciting milestone.

More information regarding new teen drivers is on our website:

More information regarding driver safety:

Remember: Your Focus Needs To Be On The Road!

Be aware of what others are doing around you, alert and ready… This gets you from point A to point B safely.

Let Leibel Insurance Group assist you in making good choices. A good driver that is less risky on the road, has better rates for insurance. Drivers that get into accidents and speed have higher premiums. Contact us today, and one of our brokers can discuss possible negative impacts you can have with your premium and policy if you are not driving safely.

We support safe driving and a safe community!

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