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Fleet Insurance

At Leibel Insurance, we understand the importance of protecting your business and your fleet of commercial vehicles. We work with you to develop an insurance solution that is designed to suit the unique needs of your business. We make it our number one priority to help you purchase and manage your policy.

Get Fleet Insurance In Three Easy Steps

1. The first thing you need to do is compare your options. Our knowledgeable fleet insurance brokers do the research and compare rates across different insurance companies to ensure that you are getting the best insurance at the best price possible.

2. The next step is to purchase your insurance. At Leibel Insurance, we make purchasing fleet insurance an easy process. Your only job is to select the best option presented from your broker and your insurance policy will be completed.

3. The last step is to manage your insurance policy. At Leibel Insurance, we don’t just help you find and purchase your insurance, we also help you manage it. We give you all the details that you need to view your personal details online and make changes to your policy as your needs change.

At Leibel Insurance, we offer a wide range of unique and comprehensive fleet policies that can be customized to meet your unique needs. Whether you require new insurance or would like to get technological support, we have the knowledge and experience to assist you in each step of the process.

If you are interested in getting fleet insurance, contact us today to get started.

Some of the most popular insurance policies that our clients have us find are:
● Home insurance
● Car insurance
● Boat insurance
● Seasonal property insurance
● ATV insurance
● Cyber insurance
● Event insurance

● Commercial property insurance
● Contractor’s insurance
● Plumber’s insurance
● Electrician’s insurance
● Commercial auto insurance
● Transportation insurance
● Errors & omissions insurance
● General liability insurance




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