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Getting into an accident can be costly. With Vaughan Car insurance, policyholders can be sure that they have the right financial coverage in the event they do get into an accident. When you choose Leibel Insurance Group, you choose a broker who goes above and beyond for each client.
  • Protect Yourself Against Legal Liability for At Fault Accidents
  • Accident Forgiveness and Rental Vehicle Coverage Options
  • Full Replacement Cost Coverage Available for New Vehicle
  • Customizable Auto Insurance Policies for Older and Newer Vehicles
Call (866) 484-8880 now to speak directly with an Insurance Specialist about Vaughan Auto Insurance or complete a no-pressure no-obligation quote request form.

Get the Cheapest Car Insurance Rates in Vaughan

At Leibel Insurance, we can help you compare the best deals for your Vaughan Auto Insurance quotes, to find high-quality auto insurance companies. With Leibel Insurance, you could be saving hundreds of dollars every year by comparing auto insurance rates with us. Having access to several of Canada’s major insurance companies, know that you are choosing the best Vaughan insurance company and premiums that work for you. 

If you want to find the best auto insurance rates in Vaughan, Leibel Insurance can help you find them.

If you drive in the Greater Toronto Area, you know that you could end up paying some of the highest insurance rates in Canada. However, you should not let that stop you. If you live in the rapidly growing city of Vaughan next door to Toronto, let us help you find your cheapest auto insurance rate. 

At Leibel Insurance, we have helped hundreds of drivers in Vaughan save money by assisting them to lower their auto insurance premiums, and we can help you do the same. You might have noticed that many auto insurance companies serve the Vaughan area. This abundance of choices can make it challenging to settle for a Vaughan insurance company, with the added task of comparing rates. When shopping in the auto insurance market, the best way to ensure that you are receiving the best rate possible is with a professional company that helps you compare insurance providers.

As an award-winning brokerage, Leibel Insurance works for you to help compare car insurance rates from Vaughan’s different auto insurance companies. When you find a rate and company that you prefer, your insurance broker or agent will be able to secure it for you, the same day!

If you are not prepared to get your new quote, that’s fine too. Continue reading through this article to understand what factors will influence your car insurance rates and what areas you might pay the most and least for your car insurance in Vaughan.

What does Car Insurance cover in Vaughan?

Mandatory Car Insurance Coverage in Vaughan

No matter where you live there are certain coverages that are mandatory for your auto insurance policy:


Third-Party Liability

Third-Party Liability is an absolute must as this covers any damages that you are responsible for.


Accident Benefits

Accident Benefits are also automatically included and required as this protects any passengers involved in an accident while in your vehicle. Other kinds of insurance are not required but can be added to any existing policy.


Direct Compensation (DCPD)

Direct Compensation will protect any damages that are done to your vehicle when involved in an accident that is not your fault.


Uninsured automobile coverage

Uninsured automobile coverage will protect you in the event that you are involved in a not-at-fault accident with a driver who is uninsured.

Optional Auto Insurance Coverage in Vaughan

There are a number of additional coverage options available, including:


Comprehensive coverage

Comprehensive coverage will protect your vehicle from other risks such as theft, dangerous weather, and vandalism.


Accident forgiveness

Accident forgiveness ensures your premiums won’t increase due to an accident if you have to make a claim. Do you want accident forgiveness from your insurance policy? Speak with your Leibel Insurance agent and find out if you qualify for accident forgiveness on your insurance policy.

What factors determine my car insurance rates in Vaughan?

Many factors go into determining your auto insurance rate in Vaughan, including the following:


1. Your license level

If you do not have a full driver’s license, this will cause your insurance rates to be higher. However, if you have a full license, it will have a better effect on your insurance rates. 


2. How much do you drive or your mileage

The mileage that you plan to drive every day will also factor in how much you will need to pay for your insurance. Drivers who need to drive 30 to 40 minutes back and forth to work every day will need to pay more than those who just need their car to run an errand here and there.


3. Years of Experience

Newer drivers in Vaughan should also expect to see higher rates than more experienced drivers. If you have 5 years or more of driving experience with a clean driving recording, you can access additional insurance discounts.

Our Auto Insurance Options

Leibel Insurance Group insures a wide variety of motor vehicles. Some of the vehicles we insure include:

  • Commuter car
  • Commercial vehicle
  • Truck
  • Sports car
  • Motorcycle
  • Classic car

Why Choose Leibel Insurance Group for Car Insurance in Vaughan?

When you insure your vehicle with Leibel Insurance Group, you are automatically rewarded with a number of unique advantages. 

  • Experience

For over 40 years, Leibel Insurance Group has been providing insurance solutions to Canadians, and we are only getting started! Take a look at our incredible track record with clients via testimonials and our various awards within the insurance world.

  • Client care

We care about all our clients from the minute they call. Making a claim is stressful, which is why we have a claims advocate to help you so you’re not alone. We listen to your needs and respond promptly with the solutions best fit for you.

  • Ease

Leibel Insurance Group knows insurance can be very complicated for someone who isn’t in the industry. That is why we aim to make it easier with the MyLeibel Insurance app. In the app, make a claim, request changes, access your pink card instantly, and connect to all the local resources!

Our award-winning Brokerage makes switching your insurance simple, and we can help you find the absolute best Vaughan Auto Insurance quotes that match your specific needs and circumstances. If you are looking for Vaughan Auto Insurance quotes, make sure to give our Insurance Brokerage team a call at 1 (866) 484-8880 or request a quote directly at

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