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Bicycle Safety – The 8 Rules Of The Road

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This past weekend one of our own – Steve Leibel experienced first hand the fear of being hit by a car.

We are grateful that Steve was lucky enough to have avoided the worst case scenario when his bike veered sideways after he braked and the car hit his back tire and physically pushed him forwards avoiding an uncertain outcome.

We wanted to take this opportunity to remind all of you to BE SAFE this season! Make sure you are protected from the unexpected… it truly hit home for our LMI family that this can happen to ANYONE, ANYWHERE, and that even the most experienced riders like Steve can be at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Did you Know that if you are a pedestrian or a cyclist and are hit by a vehicle you may have Medical Coverage for your injuries through your auto policy?

Contact us today for a quote and a review of your policy to ensure you have this valuable coverage.


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The Eight Rules Of The Road:

  1. Protect Your Head – Never ride a bike without a properly fitted helmet.
  2. Assure Bicycle Readiness – Ride a bike that fits you and check all parts of the bicycle to make sure they are secure and working well.
  3. Learn and Follow the Rules of the Road – Bicycles are considered vehicles on the road; therefore riders must follow the same traffic laws as drivers of motor vehicles.
  4. Act Like a Driver of a Motor Vehicle – Always ride with the flow of traffic, on the right side of the road, and as far to the right of the road as is practicable and safe.
  5. Be Visible – Always assume you are not seen by others and take responsibility for making yourself visible to motorists, pedestrians and other cyclists.
  6. “Drive with Care” – When you ride, consider yourself the driver of a vehicle and always keep safety in mind. Ride in the bike lane, if available. Take extra care when riding on a roadway. Courtesy and predictability are key to safe cycling.
  7. Stay Focused. Stay Alert – Never wear headphones as they hinder your ability to hear traffic. Be aware of your surroundings and ride defensively.
  8. Ensure you’re covered – Ensure you have coverage for your injuries through your auto policy. It’s just a quick call to find out!

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