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Being employed as a contractor in the Electrical, Construction, Plumber, or Commercial services industry involves several risks on the job. Despite taking necessary precautions to safeguard oneself, there’s always the chance of unfortunate events happening. Contractor Insurance in Calgary aims to protect contract workers’ interests and acts as a safety net during hazardous situations.

If you happen to be a contract worker in Calgary specializing in construction, plumbing, or commercial services, having Contractor Insurance is essential. There are several benefits for a contractor to obtain a Commercial General Liability policy.

There is a misconception in the construction industry, that a General Contractor’s insurance will cover the subcontractor’s performing work on their behalf. Subcontractors should ensure they have their own coverage in place to cover them, in the event the general contractors’ insurance is not valid or does not apply to them. 

Benefits of Contractor Insurance in Calgary

The Commercial General Liability policy (CGL) serves to offer protection in cases where the contractor causes property damage or bodily injury to a third party during the course of their operations. Without this type of insurance in place, the contractor will be responsible to pay for damages out of pocket should they be found negligent for such injuries or property damage incurred by claimants. 

Moreover, General Liability policies cover court fees during the time of trial should the contractor be sued as a result of the operations they performed. Since these costs can add up quickly, it is recommended that contractors purchase this type of insurance to protect their livelihood. 

In cases where the contractor’s work/ product causes harm or property damage, even after the project is completed, the contractor can be held at fault. The Completed Operations clause of the General Liability coverage serves to protect the contractor in such cases.

Electrical Insurance in Calgary

Electrical contractors in Calgary need to be safeguarded from risks associated with their profession. Leibel’s Electrical Contractor liability insurance serves to protect businesses and contractors in the event of property damage or bodily injury which may occur from their operations. This type of insurance protects electrical contractors from lawsuits caused by their work.

Course of Construction Insurance in Calgary

Contractors in the construction industry would benefit immensely from construction insurance. This policy mitigates some exposures associated with accidents on the construction site, among other such events. Construction Insurance offers monetary compensation for losses on a structure, errors, or any other circumstances that can lead to damages during construction. Since construction projects are expensive, there are several risks associated with the projects. Having construction insurance offers peace of mind to all parties concerned.

Plumber Insurance in Calgary

Plumbing Contractors insurance protects a plumber if he/she causes damages, losses, or bodily harm to others. The insurance’s objective is to provide financial protection to the insured in cases where they are found liable to pay for damages in lawsuits. Contract Plumbers in Calgary would benefit from Plumber Insurance, especially with the risks associated with the profession.

Commercial Insurance in Calgary

Commercial General Liability insurance protects businesses and contractors against claims for damages done to property or third parties arising out of work conducted during operations. In cases where contractors are sued, the insurance would cover legal costs to defend the claim.

In addition to the above coverages, we also recommend enhancing your policy with Disability Coverage as well as Commercial Auto Coverage which is not included in Commercial General Liability policy to ensure your Contractor business is properly protected.

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