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Contractor Insurance Edmonton

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In search of Contractors Insurance in Edmonton Alberta? Leibel Insurance offers policies for contractors in construction, commercial, plumbing, electrical, and other various trades. 

With Contractor Insurance, you can rest assured that your business’ interests are well-protected from liabilities that arise from trades.  

Knowing that you are protected in the event of something unfortunate happening keeps your business afloat and financially secure. Don’t let a single lawsuit wipe out your finances or leave you at the mercy of clients when securing your next contract.

With Leibel Insurance, protect your employees, tools, equipment, and your livelihood while conducting work. Ensure that the coverage extends to the project site, your workshop, and even in your vehicle. 

As a business owner and contractor, you need to acquire a customized coverage solution to protect you from claims, injury, machinery breakdown, automotive issues, or any other issues that interrupt your activities. 

Don’t let the opportunity to work with a dream client slip away by not acquiring contractor insurance. You may even lose out to your competition solely for this reason. Contact Leibel Insurance today and speak with one of our advisors for a customized package.

Edmonton Contractor Insurance

Construction Contractor Insurance 

This policy extends to contractors, subcontractors, tradespeople, and other niche workers in the construction industry. Let Leibel Insurance draft a customized Contractor Insurance package policy for your business needs.

Plumber Contractor Insurance 

We specialize in offering coverage for plumbing contractors in Edmonton. Any mistakes on the job or as a result of it can expose you to lawsuits. Let us suggest the optimal insurance coverage based on your needs. For a customized plumber’s insurance policy, contact the professionals at Leibel Insurance today.

Electrician Contractor Insurance 

Get Edmonton’s best electrician insurance coverage at Leibel Insurance. Issues arising from a recently completed electrical project could expose you to the risk of lawsuits. 

Here are a few things to consider and why you need electrician contractor insurance coverage:

  • Improper wiring
  • Failure to install GFCI circuits
  • Failure to install proper electrical equipment
  • Traffic accidents with company vehicles

Commercial Vehicle Insurance 

Commercial vehicle insurance differs from personal auto, car, or even van insurance. As a contractor, having the right commercial vehicle insurance is essential to conduct your daily work. This type of insurance covers contractors whose job involves transporting materials, goods, tools, and themselves to and from work.

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