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Contractor Insurance Vaughan

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Contractor insurance or liability insurance protects the insured against particular risks with trades which include but are not limited to equipment theft and property damage. 

Businesses in Vaughan that provide contracting services or independent contractors must protect themselves or their company with Contractor Insurance. The benefits of contractor insurance protect the insured from financial losses and also aids in securing work. 

Moreover, clients would like to see that the businesses and people they work with are sufficiently insured.

Types of Contractor Insurance

Common types of policies for contractors include Commercial General Liability Insurance, Equipment and Tools Insurance and Pollution Liability Insurance.

Commercial general liability insurance protects businesses and contractors from common risks such as property damage and bodily harm. This includes legal and medical costs when the insured is sued. 

Commercial Insurance Vaughan

Vaughan is ranked in the list of Top 10 cities in Canada to open businesses. Located in the Greater Toronto Area, it is a bustling city known for commercial activities. The local municipal government of Vaughan provides incentives for residents to start businesses in the area. 

As the name implies, standard commercial insurance is presented as a general liability policy which includes coverage for the following: coverage for property damage, protection against liability claims for injury, completed operations and products, personal injury, among others. 

Construction Insurance Vaughan

Businesses or contractors in Vaughan that specialize in the construction industry will benefit from Construction Insurance immensely.

Construction contract workers in the areas of carpentry, home renovation and other niche sectors face a need to minimize risks to which they are frequently exposed. Leibel Insurance offers a Contractor Insurance policy that meets budgetary expectations and can also be customized according to the risks associated with individual professions. 

Leibel Contractor Insurance in Vaughan offers a combination of coverage to reduce financial risks arising out of damage to equipment and property, auto accidents, job-site injuries, liability claims, lost income and others. 

Plumbers Insurance Vaughan

Plumbing Contractors and Businesses face similar risks as contractors in the construction, commercial and other industries. Therefore, they must have the proper coverage if something goes wrong. Since plumbing contractors are liable for issues arising from their projects even after their completion, Leibel Insurance in Vaughan offers customized solutions for individual and business needs. Please consult with our professional advisors to help customize coverage that fits your needs.

General Contractor’s Liability Plumbing Insurance offers coverage for Master Plumbers, Sprinkler Installers, Pipe Fitters, Resident Plumbing Contractors, among others. 

Electrical Insurance Vaughan

Electrical contractors or businesses in Vaughan that offer electrical contracting services face the same kinds of liability as contractors in construction or any other trade. The responsibility of the electrician extends even after the job or project is complete. 

Electrical Insurance considers the following cases and offers coverage to protect from injury arising out of improper wiring, failure to install GFCI circuits, failure to install proper electric equipment, commercial property damage, among others.

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