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Contractor Insurance Windsor

Home & Auto Insurance Windsor

As a contractor in Windsor, it is highly recommended to obtain Contractor Insurance due to the nature of your job and exposures faced on the jobsite. This extends to subcontractors, general contractors, or other types of contractors in the area.  Electrical, plumbing, carpentry, cleaning, painting, and general construction contractors working on residential or commercial projects need to ensure that they are adequately covered.

Contractor Insurance protects contractors and businesses that perform contracting services in the Windsor, Ontario area. Commercial General Liability coverage is included in your Business Policy; however, specialized contractor insurance ensures peace of mind. 

Our trusted insurance advisors at Leibel Insurance will work closely with you to determine the appropriate coverage that suits your needs.

Commercial Contractor Insurance Windsor

At Leibel Insurance, we offer contractors different kinds of commercial insurance products and services customized to their individual needs. Commercial contractor insurance protects you against theft or loss. We also specialize in niche commercial contractor insurance, including transportation, rail, aviation, health, fitness, and more.

Construction Contractor Insurance Windsor

Construction contractors working in carpentry, home renovation, and other niche areas are constantly exposed to risks in their professions. Contractor insurance from Leibel reduces exposure to financial risks that you may face due to automobile accidents, damaged equipment, liability claims, lost income, and job-site injuries. Make sure you have the appropriate coverage in place before you take on the next construction project in Windsor. 

Plumbing Contractor Insurance Windsor

Allow our experienced team at Leibel to insure your leaks in contractor policy coverage. As a plumbing contractor, you are already aware of the risks on the job or even after project completion. Even plumbing projects meticulously completed will need servicing in the future. Don’t let mistakes arising from your plumbing projects sink your plumbing business in the future. Avail of our trusted contractor insurance experts’ services in figuring out the best policy coverage for your needs. 

Electrical Contractor Insurance Windsor

Working in the electrical contracting industry involves dealing with on and off-site risks, as with other trades. Contractors leave themselves exposed to liabilities for the projects they work on or are associated with. Several things can go wrong on the job: improper wiring, failure to install GFCI circuits, failure to install electrical equipment, commercial property damage, and more. 

Don’t leave the future of your contractor’s business exposed to financial risks. Leibel Insurance Windsor will work with you closely to figure out the right kind of contractor insurance for you. We are an independent insurance brokerage with several insurance partners and brokers.

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