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Home Invasion Preparedness

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How To Prepare for a Home Invasion

Home Invasion AlbertaWith the holiday season here, it’s the time of year when home invasions and break and enters increase. No matter the neighbourhood you may live in, areas across Alberta from cities like Calgary and Edmonton to towns from Athabasca to Whitecourt can see burglaries in their communities. In 2016 Statistics Canada reported 27,989 counts of break & enter in Alberta. Safety is a priority, ensure that your house, belongings, and family are safe from intruders.

How to prepare your home for a break and enter

The best way to prepare for a home invasion in Alberta is by taking as many precautions as possible to avoid a break in. The more you do to protect yourself, the better chances of avoiding a home burglary.

A monitored security system in your home can be a precautionary solution to home break ins. This can protect you with features that alert you when you are away as well as when you are at home. We work closely with our friends at Liberty Security Systems. The benefit of a security system can also extend to lower your home insurance rates, this is a win-win when it comes to savings and safety! Security systems can range in technology. Don’t skip the basics of signs showing your property is secured and monitored. From there, your alarm system representative will help determine which products are best suited to your lifestyle and your home. This can include technology that allows you to automate lighting, motion detection, and doorbell cameras. If you are looking to purchase a security camera, a monitored alarm system will have advantages over installing solely a camera. The benefits of monitoring help ensure that if your alarm is triggered, security company staff will contact you. If they are unable to reach you, they will send personnel to assess why the alarm was set off. If you have a security system, ensure that you are using it to it’s full advantage. Arm your system when you are away from your house, and when you are at home, use the home settings so that if a door or window is opened it will alert you.

Along with a security system, locking your doors and windows when you are both away and at your home is a precautionary way to avoid someone easily entering your house. Where you can, use deadbolt locks to provide a more secure locking mechanism. If you park outside, or in a garage remember to lock your doors, even if you are just running inside for a moment. Unlocked cars are easily targeted. Even if you don’t have any valuables in the vehicle, an open car can have a garage door remote, granting a burglar easy access to your garage and perhaps your house.

When it comes to being prepared for a home break in, ensure that your valuables are protected. Keep an inventory of your belongings to better determine if anything is stolen. A simple way to create an inventory checklist is to take photos or video of the rooms in your home. In each room you can take photos of your belongings. Once you’ve taken pictures and videos, upload the content to a cloud based program, this way if your phone or computer gets stolen, you will be able to easily recover your records. We also recommend storing your valuables such as jewelry in non-obvious locations. Bedrooms are a targeted location when a burglar is looking for a jewelry box. If an option, install a safe to store your valuables.


Home Invasions in Alberta

Planning ahead and being prepared can pay off. Educating yourself on break ins can help prevent your own home from the same risk. Knowing what is going on in your community by reading the news can alert you of any home invasions in the area. Getting to know your neighbours is another way to keep up to date with neighbourhood crime. Use Social Media to connect over community group pages and boards.

Finally, use good judgement when it comes to opening your door to strangers. Earlier this year CBC News reported on a Canada home invasion where suspects posed as construction workers to gain entry to a home. This is where technology such as an intercom and video doorbell can add protection. If you receive solicitors claiming to be part of a company, contact the company they represent to confirm they are who they say they are. Even when you are home, always remember to keep doors locked to avoid someone entering without an invitation.


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