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Edmonton Car Insurance

Looking for reliable and affordable car insurance in Edmonton? Leibel Insurance is here to help! Since Originating in Edmonton, Alberta in 1981, our goal has been to provide drivers and their families we protect with the perfect coverage at affordable rates.
  • Protect Yourself Against Legal Liability for At Fault Accidents
  • Accident Forgiveness and Rental Vehicle Coverage Options
  • Full Replacement Cost Coverage Available for New Vehicle
  • Customizable Auto Insurance Policies for Older and Newer Vehicles
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Insuring your car is an essential step to driving. In fact, it is required to register your vehicle with the province. Regardless of the type of car, SUV, truck, or motorcycle you own, insurance is a necessity. With the right car insurance, you can ensure that claims costs are associated with accidents that happen while driving. If you get into an accident while driving and don’t have insurance, you are personally liable for paying for damages out of pocket. You may also be subject to lawsuits or injury claims from anyone in other vehicles that you hit. Your own car insurance may also cover damages to your vehicle in the event that the person that collided with you has no or too little insurance.

Mandatory Auto Insurance Coverage Edmonton

As is the case with every city in Canada, there are certain minimum requirements you require to legally be allowed to drive. Third-Party Liability is an absolute must as this covers any damages that you are responsible for. Accident Benefits are also automatically included and required as this protects any passengers involved in an accident while in your vehicle. Other kinds of insurance are not required but can be added to any existing policy.

Optional Auto Insurance Coverage in Edmonton

Certain types of auto insurance coverage are not required by law in Edmonton, but knowing about these options will help you make informed decisions regarding your policy. The experts at Leibel Insurance will discuss optional car insurance coverage because we care about our clients and want them to be informed.

We will discuss your options in great detail to ensure you have the best coverage for your needs. A lot of drivers choose to add additional coverage because they are looking for peace of mind. Our team is ready to provide you with the protection that you need.

There are a number of additional coverage options available, including direct compensation, uninsured automobile coverage, comprehensive and accident forgiveness. Direct compensation would help if your car were to be damaged in an accident that was not your fault, and you would deal directly with your insurance provider for compensation. Uninsured automobile coverage would protect you and your passengers in the event of an accident with a driver who is at fault and does not have insurance. Sadly, while insurance is mandatory in Edmonton, there are people who will drive without an insurance policy, and this type of coverage would protect you in these situations.

It’s also important to note that your vehicle can become damaged through other risks, such as theft, fire, bad weather, and vandalism. Comprehensive coverage would protect you in any of these situations. Accident forgiveness would provide you with a second chance if you are involved in your first at-fault accident, so you would be able to maintain your good driving record as a result.

Edmonton Car Insurance Broker

Elements that impact the cost of your Edmonton car insurance:

Auto Insurance rates are based on many factors including historical and current vehicle crash statistics as well as driving statistics. Some variables that impact your car insurance rates include;

Age: Statistically, younger drivers tend to get into more accidents, which results in their insurance being higher than older drivers. Regardless if you are a perfectly safe driver, young drivers will have to age out of the “teen driver” category to see a drop in your rates. Maintaining continuous insurance and a good driving record can help improve rates

Gender: Once again, male drivers tend to get into more road collisions than female drivers. Insurance companies see this as a concern and premiums will be generally higher for male drivers.

Driving experience: The more experience you have driving, the lower your rate. If you can prove that you are a safe driver, insurance companies will be more likely to offer you a lower rate. Using telematics can help improve your result as you share your good driving habits with the insurance company.

Vehicle make and model: When it comes to insurance rates, having a common make and vehicle model can work against you. Statistically, if there are more of a certain vehicle type on the road means that vehicle make/model may get into more accidents than others.

Why is Leibel Insurance the best option for Car Insurance in Edmonton?


Our experience speaks for itself. We’ve protected and insured thousands of people for 40 years. With all of our experience, we can share our expert knowledge of the industry and help you find the best policy for your needs.


We care immensely about our customers, this is evident from all the Google reviews, customer testimonials and our consistent customer satisfaction for over 40 years. 

Easy-to-use app

Control and simplify your insurance with our easy-to-use MyLeibel Insurance app. If you have questions, chat with us through the app and get the answers you need. If you have changes you want to make to your policy, our team of experts can quickly make the necessary changes on the spot. 

Great rates

We’ll work with and for you while doing all the shopping on your behalf. Leibel Insurance Group secures low rates.  We even review the various insurance options with you so you know what coverages you get to stay protected!

Call Leibel Insurance Group today to talk about your car insurance options!

Edmonton Car Insurance FAQ

Leibel Insurance Group can help you get the Edmonton car insurance you need for the best price. Our team knows how important it is to have the right Edmonton auto insurance to suit your needs, and there are a number of questions we can answer before starting your local insurance quote.

I Have a New Car. What Insurance Do I Need?

It depends. If you are leasing or financing your new vehicle, the lender will require full coverage. If you own your car outright, then you can choose different levels of coverage and add or remove coverage options.

Can I Lend My Car To Someone?

It’s your car, and you can provide consent to someone to borrow it. Just keep in mind that when you lend your car out, you are also lending your insurance. That means that if they have a car accident, your insurance policy would be liable if they cause any damages.

What Coverage Do I Need For Hail Damage?

Great Question! Alberta is certainly known for its hail storms. Comprehensive coverage is the portion of your insurance policy that would respond to a hail claim. Comprehensive coverage also covers you from other losses such as fire, theft & vandalism.

How Can I Save on Edmonton Car Insurance Rates?

This is one of the more common questions we get. There are a number of ways to save. First, having a clean driving record is key. Other ways include signing up for Telematics – Usage Base Insurance (UBI).  Many car insurance companies put you in the driver’s seat and let you prove how good of a driver you are. This will help generate additional discounts when you renew your policy.  And of course, bundling your car with your home, condominium, or tenant’s insurance helps you save money too. 

How Do I Make An Insurance Claim In Edmonton?

Making an insurance claim is easy with Leibel Insurance’s MYLEIBEL app. Simply request to file a claim in the app, and one of our representatives will follow up with you. Alternatively, you can call the team directly, and we will help you through the process with a dedicated claims advocate.

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