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How Technology Advances Insurance

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How does technology advance insurance?

In today’s market, as a consumer, it’s beneficial to work with an insurance broker who is technology friendly. This ranges from simple necessities like the ability to visit your broker’s website to learn about their hours and contact information to more sophisticated features such as having your policy documents saved on your phone for when you need them most. Listed below are a few ways technology has been adapted into the insurance industry and how it is beneficial for you!

Before you can receive your insurance policy, it’s critical that your insurance broker receives all necessary signatures to activate the coverage. A technology feature called eSignature has enabled a fast and secure way for your insurance broker to send you documentation quickly and more efficiently. Say farewell to the days of waiting for a fax to arrive from your broker. Electronic signatures or eSignatures are a simple solution when buying insurance or changing your insurance policy. When you have decided to buy insurance, paperwork must be signed to activate your new policy. The outdated process of signing paperwork for an insurance policy is time consuming and not secure. The old process follows the steps of agreeing to a coverage option followed by the broker faxing or scanning and emailing the documents for you to sign, then you will need to fax or scan and email them back to your broker. The process of using eSignatures not only saves time, but also saves paper. ESignatures work with a policy document being sent to your email. When the email arrives simply click ‘Sign’ and you will be prompted to use a secure system to electronically sign your signature from your desktop or smartphone. As soon as this is completed your insurance broker will be notified and will be able to complete the steps bind your insurance. The use of eSignatures work seamlessly with eDocs another technology option advancing the insurance industry.

When it comes to buying insurance it’s important to be able to access your insurance documents on the go. Similar to eSignature, eDocs also known as electronic documents ensure that you can access your insurance policy from your phone or computer. Also beneficial for your insurance broker, eDocs allow for safe and organized storage that can be backed up and secured to avoid loss or theft. As an insurance broker who works with eDocs, when Leibel Insurance Group clients call looking for policy information, we are able to easily retrieve the documents and provide the client with a copy for their records. This process streamlines the brokerage’s workflow ensuring paperwork is always available at the click of a button.

A technology option that is beneficial to both researching and purchasing insurance is a reputable website with a responsive design. When searching for the best type of insurance you may start looking online at insurance brokerage websites. By searching for a phrase such as ‘Best Home Insurance Edmonton’ your screen will be flooded with options. This is a great opportunity to look into what home insurance options are available, and what home insurance costs. When visiting your insurance broker’s website, being able to access a quote or contact function is important so that you can reach the brokerage with questions. When a broker has a responsive web design it helps you search easier and you’ll notice the difference between looking at their website on your computer versus your phone. As a customer you want to be able to visit your insurance broker’s website and find what you are looking for. With so much of today’s time being spent on your mobile phone, it’s also important to work with a brokerage that has a website that has a responsive layout. When you go to your broker’s website from your phone you should be able to clearly find what you are looking for without having to pinch and zoom or scroll side to side.

Another way that technology allows customers to connect with their insurance broker is through Social Media. Not only does networks such as Facebook or Twitter allow you to follow your insurance broker’s knowledgeable insights, updates, and content, it also has enabled another fast method for you to reach your broker. Networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have comments and direct message options which provide customers with another method to easily connect with their broker. If you’d like to follow Leibel Insurance Group on social media click the links below!

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Where does Leibel Insurance connect with technology??

Technology advancing insurance

Leibel Insurance Group proudly ranks as a technology leader in the Canadian insurance industry. Scoring 100% on CSIO’

s Technology Scorecard two years running, Leibel has demonstrated its leadership and commitment to adopting the latest technology standards and solutions to enhance the consumer’s ease of doing business.

Our goal is continuously provide superior customer service. We believe that whether you are a potential client learning about insurance or searching for an insurance quote, or an existing client wanting to learn about additional coverages or ready to file a claim, Leibel Insurance offers the best service by adopting new technology methods to ease the purchase and ownership of insurance. Whether that be ease of access to claim submissions on our website, or keeping our clients up to date on social media, Leibel Insurance Group is committed to continuous improvement in meeting our clients’ needs with the assistance of technology.

Who is CSIO?

CSIO is the Centre for Study of Insurance Operations and is Canada’s industry technology association of property and casualty insurers, software providers, and over 35,000 brokers. Their goal is to continuously improve the consumer’s ease of doing business within the broker channel by overseeing the development, implementation and maintenance of technology standards and solutions. This means constant updates and improvements, with the consumer being their top priority.

Leibel is one of only 150 businesses recognized in Canada to have not only completed, but to score 100%. Leibel strives to offer the best service, while continuously looking for new ways to improve customer experience.

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