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Top 5 Essential Skills in the Workplace

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What skills really matter to your employer?

Our economy is changing rapidly, forcing employers to look at their bottom line and the employees that affect that bottom line. Many companies are laying off employees, using new technologies and downsizing departments to stay ahead. Big companies you may not expect to have financial difficulties, as their brand is so large, are even making changes to company structure, optimizing procedures, and seeking top talent.

Are you safe from being laid off? Unfortunately, in today’s workforce no job is secure. However, start by asking yourself some simple questions that lead to a positive change in your diversity as an employee.

  • Do you compare to your colleagues?
  • What work skills have you mastered??
  • Do you stand out?
  • Have you covered the basics for your job requirements such as being on time?
  • Do you show initiative?

Anything you feel you could work on? Einstein once said “You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else.” Einstein understood, even in his day, to go above and beyond your role to achieve success.

Being challenged within your role can be tricky. A few factors may contribute to not having any motivation such as not feeling challenged or appreciated. Luckily there are many online tools and books you can purchase that can supplement your thirst to improve your working skills and ensure you’re in the right working role. A couple of suggestions would be to try something new, pick up a book, or even start a conversation with a new colleague.

So, according to my research, below are the top 5 essential skills in the workplace. Add these skills with the thirst to improve within your role and you will be well on your way to becoming an employee that any employer cannot resist even in this current economic market.

  1. Communication: the most essential skill of all including the presentation of ideas, working with different types of personalities being colleagues or clients, and writing effectively with proper grammar and punctuation.
  2. Technology: learning new technologies and using systems to work more efficiently. Network using LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. Follow blogs and posts related to your position, company and or industry.
  3. Leadership: able to problem solve as issues arise. Be approachable and motivating with your colleagues. Take initiative on projects, think outside the box, and practice your listening skills.
  4. Time Management: your time is valuable. Use effective tools to work efficiently and prepare daily, weekly, and monthly goals to accomplish. Modify goals as needed and when crossing one off the list reward yourself.
  5. Professional: your attitude is the new black. Being on time and dressing office casual is an expectation that is part of your role. To be professional these days it’s about a positive attitude and an effort to learn new things in the workplace.

To capture Personal Development means to dedicate, to seek, develop and master the skills to achieve success in any job role. To reach your full potential in the role, merge into a higher role, mentor others, and give back to the industry.

It is your responsibility to ensure you have the skills your employer needs and to execute your job. It is also up to you to ensure you have well rounded skills in case you need to seek other employment. And remember that it is said… if you find work that you love to do, you will already have mastered the skills needed to be successful as passion takes over the work.

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