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Wedding Insurance: More than just Liquor Liability

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What to know about Wedding Insurance.

Planning a wedding can be very fun, but also stressful and difficult at times. Wedding Insurance can help relieve some of the stress with the assurance that you are protected from multiple risks.

When considering the benefits of insurance for your wedding, there are many things to think about when protecting you and your big day. Insurance is more than just liquor liability or damage deposit reimbursement, Wedding Insurance can protect you from many potential risks, some you may least expect.

Plan Ahead: Some policies can be purchased up to a year in advance. This can help protect your investment, and knowing you can check something off the list so far in advance is always a good feeling.

Liquor Liability: Consider that your event could require more than one day of liquor liability. For example, if you are planning on hosting a rehearsal dinner the night before, or a brunch on the day after the wedding, certain insurance plans can offer multiple locations and date liquor liabilities in one package.

Destination Weddings: Heading out of town for your wedding? Some policies can also include destination wedding coverage all over the world!

Loss of Deposit: Protect yourself against the potential loss of a deposit. Policies are available to protect you against lost deposits due to a business’ financial failure.

Rented Property: Renting chairs, tables, or more for your wedding? Don’t lose your damage deposit! Coverage is available for reimbursement of physical damage to rented property during the wedding.

Loss or Damage: Be covered in the event of loss or physical damage to bridal attire, wedding presents, rings, cake, flowers, and stationary.

Wedding Cancellation: If your wedding had to be canceled for unexpected reasons, there are coverages available to reimburse you for deposits paid.



Feel prepared and confident on your wedding day, knowing you are protected by Wedding Insurance!

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