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Prepping your Home for a Winter Vacation

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Going away for a winter vacation? Winter home preparation is key to ensuring you rest easy on your holiday. Here are some easy tips to keep your home safe and secure.


  •         Ensure that the heat in your home is maintained – With dropping temperatures, it’s important to keep your house warm and dry. Before you leave, make sure your thermostat is set to a warm enough temperature to keep your pipes from freezing and your humidity level neutralized.


  •        Turn off the main water source and drain water – similar to keeping your house warm, turn off your main water source and drain your pipes so that you don’t come home to a burst pipe.


  •         Let neighbors know that you’ll be away and to monitor for any suspicious activity – Provide your neighbors with your travel dates. This way they can keep an eye on your property.


  •         Maintain the appearance that your home is occupied – Ask a neighbor or friend to clear snow, grab flyers and newspapers. This makes the home look lived in while you are away.


  •        Arrange for a competent person to inspect the home – Have a friend, family member, or someone you trust check in to make sure your home is being kept warm, dry, and secured. Check your policy for any specific details on how often someone should be checking your home.

Winter Home Preparation


Now that your home is safe and secure, feel confident leaving on your trip. Relax and enjoy your vacation!


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