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Burlington Auto Insurance

Are you hunting for the best auto insurance in Burlington? Great news! You've come to the right place. The hunt for car insurance can often seem like a full-time job. But with our guidance, you can find yourself saving money on your auto insurance rates in no time.
  • Protect Yourself Against Legal Liability for At Fault Accidents
  • Accident Forgiveness and Rental Vehicle Coverage Options
  • Full Replacement Cost Coverage Available for New Vehicle
  • Customizable Auto Insurance Policies for Older and Newer Vehicles
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Burlington is a desirable area and is rated as one of the best places to live in Canada. It is a large GTA suburb perfectly located between Toronto and Niagara Falls in the Halton region, and the city of Burlington consistently experiences rapid population growth due to its proximity to Toronto. This means tons of traffic in Burlington! And of course, the state of traffic has a direct effect when it comes to purchasing auto insurance.

Drivers need excellent auto insurance, and our specialists here at Leibel Insurance will help you find affordable car insurance in Burlington. You must have the right auto insurance coverage, and with the high traffic volume and the rate of tickets and accidents in Burlington, car insurance can get expensive. 

The good news is that our team will connect you to the right broker who can provide you with affordable rates. With one call, we will do all the work for you by helping you compare quotes from different car insurance companies in the area and show you which provider offers the lowest rate. We make the process easy, and drivers in Burlington can always rely on us for all their car insurance needs. Once you look at the quotes, we can connect you with the right broker or agent to lock in your rate.

What to know about average Car insurance rates in Burlington

Regarding car insurance, average rates vary by age, gender, and marital status not to mention vehicle type and driving experience. It’s well known that generally, younger drivers have higher rates than older drivers. Married men tend to pay less than unmarried women.

What is Mandatory Car Insurance in Burlington?

The following car insurance coverages are mandatory by law and are required in an insurance policy.

Third-Party Liability Coverage

Third-Party Liability Coverage will help cover any damages to others (Physical and Property) that are caused by an accident in which you are found at fault. This can cover repair, treatment, and legal expenses.

Accident Benefits

Accident Benefits cover any damages passengers sustain when involved in an accident while in your vehicle. This can include treatments for injuries or any income loss as a result of the accident.

What is Optional Auto Insurance Coverage in Burlington?

These optional Auto Insurance coverage options can be added to your insurance policy to give you some added protection from other circumstances:

Direct Compensation

Direct compensation would help if your car were to be damaged in an accident where you are not at fault, and this can help cover any repairs needed.

Uninsured automobile coverage

Uninsured automobile coverage would protect you and your passengers in the event of an accident with a driver who is at fault and does not have insurance to pay for your damage expenses.

Comprehensive coverage

It’s also important to note that your vehicle can become damaged by other risks, such as theft, fire, extreme weather conditions, and vandalism. Comprehensive coverage would protect you in any of these situations.

Accident Forgiveness

Accident forgiveness would provide you with a second chance if you are involved in your first at-fault accident, so you would be able to maintain your good driving record and your insurance rates will not go up.

Average car insurance rates vary by age, gender, and marital status.

  • Average car insurance rates vary by age, gender, and marital status.
  • Young males pay more for auto insurance than young females.
  • Married people pay less for auto insurance than single people do.
  • Vehicle type impacts your insurance rate.
  • The coverage options selected affect your insurance rate.

Drive a sporty car? You’ll likely pay more than someone who drives an economical vehicle.

When you buy a car, the cost of insurance is generally based on the make and model. That’s because some cars are more likely to be involved in accidents and more expensive for insurers to cover. 

Burlington Auto Insurance

For example, sporty cars tend to be riskier than economical vehicles. You can also expect your insurance premium to increase if you’re younger than 25 or older than 65. Male drivers pay higher premiums than female drivers, and single people tend to pay more than married couples who own separate cars but share a policy. It costs less to insure someone with a good driving record than someone with several violations or accidents on their record.

Safe, low-risk driving can lower your auto insurance rates.

For everyone who loves to rush through traffic and honk at people who are driving too slowly, know that by driving safely and defensively, you will lower your risk of being involved in an accident (and your habits can reduce the cost of your insurance). This is because you’re less likely to be distracted by other drivers and road conditions if you’re focused on what’s right in front of you.

It’s also important not to speed or drive under the influence (DUI). Speeding increases your risk of an accident, and DUI can lead to more severe penalties than standard auto insurance rates would be. Distracted Driving is another important factor. Not only is it dangerous, but In some cases, it might even prevent you from obtaining coverage from certain providers altogether!

There are actions you can take to further lower your rate.

One of the best ways to lower your rate is to have a clean driving record. The fewer accidents and violations you have on your record, the more likely you will be eligible for the lowest rates and monthly payment options.

Another way is by increasing your deductible. If you increase it from $250 to $1000, you can save as much as 40% on your premium!

Drive in the winter? Some insurance companies offer winter tire discounts. These discounts can apply if all four tires on your vehicle have a certain tread depth and are marked with M+S (mud and snow). 

For your insurance simplified, get in touch with Leibel Insurance today at 1-866-484-8880.


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